Keith Barto Presenting at Cisco Live Europe 2018

Deploying a converged infrastructure has gotten simpler over the years. Many vendors have integrated automated deployment and propose cookbooks to fasten the provisioning of the whole stack (compute plus networking through storage) through validated designs. However, these converged systems needed to evolve over the years, and that has remained a very manual task.


In the session “Converged Systems Advisor: Simplify Operations with Cloud-Based Lifecycle Management for FlexPod,” Keith Barto, Director Product Management at NetApp, described a newer solution for lifecycle management, called Converged Systems Advisor.


The benefits of the solution are:

  • Reduce time and expertise required to manage converged infrastructure
  • Enable IT teams to consistently monitor, maintain, and report
  • Automate validation and reporting

Automating lifecycle management operations simplifies and reduces risks for key activities such as:

  • Validation. Assurance that implementations are aligned with best practices
  • Monitoring. Regular reviews to make sure that change processes are accurate and do not violate optimal configurations
  • Optimization. Consolidated notifications for end-of-support and end-of-sale equipment across compute, storage, and network components

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If you missed the session or didn’t make it to Barcelona, I suggest reading New Lifecycle Management Software Simplifies, Automates FlexPod Systems Management.


You can also watch the summary video, which was created at Cisco Live.


Christian Lorentz

Christian has held a variety of positions as System Engineer, Consultant, Product Marketing Manager and Product Manager for Digital Equipment, Chipcom, Cisco Systems and Riverbed. Christian joined NetApp in 2015, as Sr Product and Solution Marketing Manager for EMEA , and has over 20 years’ experience in the networking and storage arena.

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