We have all seen it or possibly been there ourselves, a car stranded on the side of the road, perhaps there was a warning from a check engine light or slight noise hinting of a problem before you began your journey. If you ignore or miss the warning signs, you may be in for an unexpected breakdown causing delays, frustration, and unanticipated expenses. Similar situations can occur when it comes to data storage and management. With Active IQ and it’s integrated predictive analytics capabilities, unexpected outages can be minimized by utilizing real time data and pin pointing known issues.


Within Active IQ, the Health Summary feature performs similarly to the check engine light in your car. Health Summary focuses on predictive risks that identify configuration or other known issues that may impair system performance, availability, and resiliency. Each risk alert describes in detail what the issue is, the potential negative impact, and the corrective actions to be taken.  Depending on the size of the environment, these risks can be substantial, and mitigation can be a daunting task.


This is where Risk Advisor, also part of Active IQ can help. The Risk Advisor feature uses predictive analytics to get the most out of an upgrade. By choosing the target version of ONTAP, Risk Advisor gives the likelihood of a risk being mitigated along with a level of confidence, also known as community wisdom.  Community wisdom takes historical data comprised of other systems with that same risk and gives a percentage of systems that had the issue resolved after the upgrade. The target version of ONTAP can also be included to show risks that the target version of ONTAP is susceptible too so any necessary mitigations can be evaluated prior to planning the upgrade. End result: you will have a snapshot of what your environment would look like after the upgrade from a health perspective. Having that comprehensive view of before and after upgrades makes for much smoother operations with lower risk and cost optimization. it’s too bad your car doesn’t tell you what may happen a few miles down the road before you begin your journey, but for your data management infrastructure you are ready to roll confidently knowing you’ll be able to see what’s around the next bend…


Active IQ is a cloud service that uses AutoSupport which provides telemetry data and is provided at no additional charge when a support contract has been purchased. Health Summary and Risk Advisor are two key data services and are part of an array of services that Active IQ includes, covering areas such as storage efficiency, unprotected volume identification, and a Flash Advisor.


To get started using Active IQ,  visit www.netapp.com/activeiq.

Carlos Fries

Carlos Fries is a Product Manager for Active IQ and specializes in keeping customers systems healthy. He has been with NetApp for 10 years and part of a specialized team that develops risks to alert customers of potential system issues. Before joining NetApp, Carlos worked as a Systems Administrator for 14 years.

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