There are many examples to share here, lots of innovation delivered regularly to NetApp customers in the form of upgrades. This blog post is an attempt to give you a broad overview of upgrade recommendations provided in NetApp® Active IQ® monitoring.


When you upgrade your ONTAP® systems to the latest release, there is a host of improvements to help you increase performance, enhance security and ensure compliance and greater efficiency, to name a few.


Consider the example of a healthcare facility with a customer profile of thousands of staff and physicians. The facility has data that ranges from patient tracking systems, surgical databases, and human resources data to medical image storage, test results, and local departmental file serving.


Challenge: To accommodate huge data growth without compromising existing infrastructure.


Solution: Rather than replacing the entire infrastructure with new hardware, a simple software upgrade will enable the healthcare facility to significantly improve the performance, utilization, availability, and cost management of the facility’s storage network.

Diving in a Bit

When you log in to the Active IQ portal (Figure 1), you see that the top of the dashboard shows the most critical information about your system, including upgrade recommendations. This widget does a gap analysis of different components, including drive firmware, system firmware, and shelf firmware, and specifies the latest ONTAP version to be upgraded.

Figure 1) Active IQ Visualization


Value Customer’s Place on Active IQ Upgrade Recommendations

As you can see from the statistics and testimonials in Figure 2, most regular users of Active IQ place a high value on upgrade recommendations to keep their environments running smoothly.

Figure 2 Active IQ user statistics.
Figure 3) Active IQ user statistics.

Customer Testimonials About Upgrade Recommendations

Keeping systems up to date and performing optimally is a key concern for all of our customers, and Active IQ Upgrade Recommendations are a big part of how we make that possible. Read on to say what users are saying.


Upgrade paths and planning require a lot of effort and research to do well without the upgrade advisor component. Identifying any potential issues needing proactive maintenance is also very difficult.”

—Technical Architect, Federal Government


“Automated tech and parts (AutoSupport). Upgrade advisor and risk advisor. A high-level view of (i) support contract expiring in 6 months; (ii) systems reaching EOS in 6, 12, and over 12 months; (iii) risk analysis; and (iv) disk and system firmware upgrade recommendations in software upgrade recommendations.”

—Storage Architect, Fortune 500 Agriculture Company


“For me, it’s an essential part of our operations, mostly for the call home feature, the ‘online’ backup/history of configuration values, the upgrade recommendations, and risk identification.”

—Storage Architect, Global 500 Computer Software Company


Staying current means maximizing your investment i.e. getting full benefit from it. NetApp wants to make that easy for you as possible. If you’re not doing so now, find out how you can quickly take full advantage of our recommendations.

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Sahana Sandeep

Sahana Sandeep is a product manager at NetApp focused on Active IQ services on mobile apps and upgrade recommendations.

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