From subtle to mind blowing, visual effects are a staple of today’s media and television production houses. Talented artists can do anything—including conjuring a yacht from thin air and bringing the Twin Towers back to New York. The combination of technology and artistic skill makes modern visual effects look seamless and natural to the naked eye.


Visual effects aren’t limited to film and TV. Location-based virtual reality experiences such as Alien: Descent, a free-roaming VR experience created by FoxNext Destinations, are increasingly popular. Greenlight Ventures projects that location-based VR experiences will be a billion-dollar business by the end of 2018 and will grow to $12 billion annually in 5 years.


Producing visual effects that deliver the experiences customers expect requires a combination of artistic talent and state-of-the-art technology. As visual effects become standard across all media—from film to TV to gaming and entertainment—the number of projects a studio takes on is increasing. To deliver high-quality effects on time and within budget, there is no tolerance for bottlenecks.


Studios need reliable, high-performance solutions that can be configured for all sizes of media operations. These solutions need to integrate with existing tools and applications. And they need to enable efficiency at all stages of media workflows (ingest, manage, produce, process, deliver, archive, and transact). To keep pace with rapidly growing business while keeping costs under control, these solutions also need to scale easily to grow performance and capacity as required.


With NetApp® high-performance computing (HPC) solutions can help. With NetApp HPC solutions, you can:

  • Accelerate performance with 12GBps read/write performance per controller pair
  • Gain massive sequential and random I/O that outperforms competitors in media workloads
  • Get 99.999%+ availability and industry-leading durability, based on nearly 1 million units shipped
  • Scale limitlessly with boundless containers


Learn how visual effects houses like Framestore use NetApp HPC solutions to bring extraordinary ideas to life.


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Julie Fagan

Julie Fagan has a long career in high-tech solutions marketing. She loves working at NetApp where she gets to focus on bringing the best video surveillance and high performance computing storage solutions to the world along with her awesome co-workers.

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