Artificial intelligence (AI) can help your team get greater insight from enterprise data and enhance digital services to increase customer engagement. But it’s such a new field that the right infrastructure choices for AI / Machine Learning (ML) aren’t always clear.


Whether you do AI work on-premises or in the cloud, as you ramp up processes and move them into production, bottlenecks inevitably occur. Lack of I/O performance stalls your AI pipeline. Moving, copying, and managing rapidly growing data sets eats up valuable staff time. The methods that worked during proof of concept become impractical if not impossible at scale.


This is where NetApp can help. NetApp Data Fabric solutions and services accelerate and simplify your AI / ML efforts—from the edge of your network, to the core of your data center, to the cloud. Here are ten reasons to partner with NetApp for your AI / ML needs.


Matt Watts

Matt Watts works closely with the Office of the CTO, Product Operations and Marketing teams at NetApp, but spends most of his time at events or with businesses articulating NetApp’s Strategy and the business value of IT. He has over 25 years of IT experience and has been with NetApp for the last 12 years.

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