We are in a digital transformation. Companies are transforming exponentially to modernize and simplify the current system for the customers. And it requires a fundamental shift in a way how an organization think, process and execute. With the huge growth in technology, a single company cannot build all solutions for their end customers and rely on the developer community. Developers take a tremendous effort to integrate their product to provide innovative solutions to the customers.

Overview of NetApp DevNet

To ease the life of the developers, NetApp opens the developer platform, NetApp DevNet. The platform is dedicated to the enthusiastic developer who loves to learn the latest hybrid cloud data technology, integrate on next-gen technology with NetApp and unleash the innovation to achieve a new competitive advantage.


The NetApp DevNet portal is the source for integration resources. Supports multiplatform integration with NetApp products and exposes NetApp product APIs for ONTAP, SolidFire, SANtricity, and StorageGRID. It enables partners to build solutions and tools to accelerate customer success.


Product Ecosystem:

With the transformation of digital technology. Customer no longer locks their data on the devices hidden behind the firewall, instead, it is distributed, dynamic and diverse. And the users have a freedom to choose and manage data from private, public or a hybrid cloud. NetApp DevNet helps the developers with this transforming technology of hybrid world.  The platform exposes the touch points to move data seamlessly across private, public and hybrid cloud.

User Ecosystem:

The platform connects the customers, cloud service provider, Independent Software vendor and NetApp engineers. It enables the users to automate storage provisioning, perform analytics across multiple storage and management platforms, predict storage health through storage infrastructure monitoring, and backup & replicate leveraging various product APIs.

NetApp DevNet –  Audience

NetApp DevNet Offers:

  • Product APIs: Exposes the APIs for various NetApp product. NetApp DevNet exposes the APIs of the NetApp software such as ONTAP, Element, SANtricity, and Users can pick and choose the APIs based on their use case.
  • RESTful API: The platform exposes NetApp Service Level Manager and OnCommand API Services. Developers can use NetApp Service Level Manager to build cloud-like infrastructure using service level objective (SLO)
  • Integrate: NetApp DevNet consolidates all the integration resources and tools from the various Through the platform, developers learn the latest integration methods and speed up the integration process
  • Developer Support: Developer experience on the support is highly essential on how fast and easy to get a technical question answered. Through the portal developers can reach out to various channels for support like community, slack channels, and a dedicated email distribution
  • Validation: It’s a great advantage to the NetApp alliance partners to be in direct touch with the NetApp engineering team and get their solution validated against NetApp Compatibility logo.
  • Learn Nextgen developer methods: Explore the latest integration methods exposed by NetApp developers. The portal exposes the latest technical information on integrations through multiple blogs sites, YouTube video, NetApp University and other repositories.

Value of NetApp DevNet:

  • Protect and secure the data: Powerful backup and recovery technology helps to build fully-integrated hybrid cloud-based Disaster Recovery solution.
  • Optimize unstructured data: Define workflows leveraging industry-leading solutions for unstructured-data management
  • Accelerate workloads and analytics: Automate your repeatable, manual storage-management processes to boost the productivity
  • Optimize deep learning data pipeline: Create a smooth, secure flow of data for your AI workloads. Unify your data pipeline with a single management platform
  • Accelerate the DevOps journey: Optimize your development lifecycle and improve the developer experience throughout the develop, test, deploy, and analyse phases

What’s Next?

NetApp partners, customers, and employees can visit the site https://devnet.netapp.com/ to explore and integrate with the NetApp. To know more on becoming NetApp partner, kindly visit NetApp Partner page.

Reach us

For more queries on NetApp DevNet, please write to ng-devnet@netapp.com

Stiffy Sunny

Stiffy Sunny is a Partner Program Manager at NetApp. She has been working closing with Independent Service Vendor and technically enable them with NetApp Technology. She is also interested in the start-up ecosystem. Part of NetApp Excellerator program - accelerator program for the Startups.

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