There’s nothing artificial about artificial intelligence anymore. It’s a real benefit to businesses all over the world in ways that we couldn’t even imagine just a few years ago. However, many businesses aren’t sure where to start because they find that their most valuable data is trapped in siloes, hampered by complexity, and difficult to harness for resource-intensive AI applications.

NetApp Data Fabric Is the Competitive Advantage with AI

At NetApp, we think that a good place for any businesses to begin taking advantage of artificial intelligence is by building a Data Fabric. Then they can simplify and integrate the orchestration of data services across a choice of hybrid, multi-cloud environments. The NetApp Data Fabric enables integration and a secure data pipeline across edge, core and cloud. Exploit all the capabilities of the world’s biggest public clouds to accelerate innovation. ​

Accelerated AI data pipelines across edge, core and cloud

At NetApp, we crunch data quickly, so you get to outcomes sooner.


Earlier today we announced how NetApp ONTAP 9.5 software and MAX Data can help you accomplish this goal.


NetApp ONTAP 9.5 software helps companies modernize their data services with solutions that deliver leading cloud integration, the highest all-flash performance, and greater efficiency and simplicity. Customers can benefit from unmatched versatility that offers high performance and consistent low latency, accelerating critical workloads with industry-leading end-to-end NVMe capabilities. You can also unify data management across storage environments — flash, disk, and cloud.


MAX Data can turbo charge your application performance without rewrites to application code. The industry’s first solution to leverage persistent memory in servers, MAX Data also delivers ultra-low latency.

The leading edge is where NetApp lives

Because the edge is more important than ever, our integration with IoT devices with best of breed services allows us to harness the ease and flexibility of the cloud to speed insights and innovation. ​


To help accelerate this avalanche of data that is being collected, we have further enhanced the performance of StorageGrid with flash capabilities. So now, not only do you have an ultra large container for data, but it is also blazing fast.


NetApp StorageGRID® SG6060 flash-accelerated object storage addresses the needs of high-performance, high-concurrency workloads for IoT, big data analytics, and machine learning environments.


NetApp Solution Support for FlexPod is your single point of contact to a support team with expertise across the key components of the entire solution — storage, storage network, compute, compute OS, LAN networking, and hypervisor.


NetApp Solution Support also includes NetApp Converged System Advisor (CSA) software, which simplifies your operations and lifecycle management of FlexPod. The CSA superior monitoring and management with a single-pane view of the system’s health helps reduce time to resolution for support incidents.

Guaranteed performance thanks to consistent latency

As a part of the Data Visionary Loyalty Program, NetApp is offering an unrivaled Performance Guarantee on select AFF A-series systems.

  • We guarantee consistent latency of 500μs 99% of the time for your most demanding workloads.
  • You get blazing speed even with inline data reduction turned on.
  • You can deploy multiple applications in a shared environment with confidence and assurance.

Accelerate Your Data-Driven Success in AI with Active IQ

A big part of being data driven is NetApp Active IQ®, which is how we combine artificial intelligence and machine learning to drive business outcomes.


Fueled by 300,000 storage assets that produce hundreds of billions of data points every day, Active IQ gives you predictive analytics, actionable insights, and proactive support, enabling you to optimize your storage and make smarter decisions:

  • Predict capacity usage to stay ahead of rapidly growing data demands
  • Protect investments with predictive, actionable alerts
  • Get proven recommendations for optimizing configurations

Extend Your Capabilities with the NetApp AI Advantage

At NetApp we believe Data Driven AI can extend your capabilities, free you up for more creative and strategic endeavors, and help you achieve more. Everyone should have access to the benefits of AI, including the tools needed to create and transform how we work. We want to remove barriers and help every developer on the planet create the next generation of AI-powered products. From our infrastructure to our solutions and our tools, NetApp allows you to pick what works for you and your technology.

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