NetApp and NVIDIA are bringing to market a new integrated solution that’s based on the field-proven NetApp® ONTAP® AI reference architecture. You can now deploy the industry’s most powerful and innovative solution to enhance the productivity of your data scientists and data engineers and their impact on your business.


You see, building infrastructure that comprises various vendors and open-source software requires skill that isn’t common in every organization. Data science teams simply want a platform on which they can innovate and deploy production AI. They can’t afford to waste cycles on infrastructure design in the absence of a suitable IT platform.


Software tools are still evolving, and they’re not yet easy enough for the expanding user base that’s focused on data science. You may not have the skillset to architect AI infrastructures, and you may not want to develop that skill. You’re probably building in-house data analysis capabilities to accelerate your business, but you want someone else to design, configure, install, and support the solutions that you need. NetApp and NVIDIA are working together to help you overcome these common challenges.


The NetApp ONTAP AI integrated solution combines several industry-leading technologies. It’s powered by NVIDIA DGX™ A100 systems that use second-generation AMD EPYC™ processors, NetApp AFF A-Series all flash storage, NVIDIA networking, and advanced software tools. You get new levels of performance and simplicity to help you more quickly deploy and operationalize AI.

Deployment simplicity with minimum risk

This integrated, turnkey AI infrastructure solution is available in three configurations that are sized to meet your most common AI workload demands. Now procurement, configuration, installation, and management are much simpler, and you have two storage capacity options to get the flexibility to match your business requirements.


The solution is validated with leading machine learning operations (MLOps) software, such as from Domino Data Lab and Iguazio. To reduce risk associated with multiple touchpoints, the infrastructure is configured, tested, and installed by the same vendor, Arrow Electronics. Financing is also available through Arrow, making the procurement and delivery seamless. You can purchase this infrastructure through any reseller that has a relationship with Arrow.

Effortless support

NetApp SupportWith the NetApp ONTAP AI integrated solution, supporting ongoing AI development and production has never been easier. Other architectures force IT teams to straddle multiple vendors and contend with finger-pointing across a multilayered technology stack. ONTAP AI is the first solution in the industry to offer a unified, centralized support plan that’s led by NVIDIA AI experts and backed up by NetApp. With a single phone number, you can start the conversation and get the help you need, from incident creation through to resolution. This effortless support delivers the fastest time to resolution, even for complex issues that affect your AI production. NetApp and NVIDIA have built a strong partnership to deliver best-in-class solutions that perform as expected and that now include enhanced support and simpler procurement and deployment.


You now have a unified way to bring the power that you need for your AI projects—with added simplicity and choice. You can procure and deploy infrastructure as a reference architecture, for maximum flexibility. Or you can opt for our new preconfigured turnkey infrastructure solution that offers standardized deployments with centralized support and the fastest return on your investment from AI.

It’s time for ONTAP AI

If you haven’t yet considered AI solutions for your business, now is the time to look at ONTAP AI. NetApp and NVIDIA are leading the way to help you get the technology that you need to accelerate decision making and to power your digital transformation—and to achieve business outcomes faster. For more information, visit


Read the NVIDIA blog here.

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