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If you’re like me and have been watching the odd purchasing trends due to the pandemic, you probably remember when all the hair clippers were sold out — and then flour and yeast. Most recently, you might have seen this headline: Tupperware profits and shares soar as more people are eating at home during the pandemic. Tupperware is finally having its day. But Tupperware stacking strategy is probably not why you’re here. Don’t worry, this isn’t your grandma’s container strategy  no Tupperware stacking required. You’re probably here because, like most organizations today, you need to be able to quickly release and update applications when and where you want to. 


Today we’re excited to announce a partnership between NetApp and Rancher to bring multicluster Kubernetes management on premises with NetApp® HCINow you can deploy Rancher with push-button ease from NetApp HCI’s management plane, the NetApp Hybrid Cloud Control manageability suite.  

Why NetApp + Rancher?

It’s no secret that Kubernetes in the enterprise is becoming more mainstream. If your organization hasn’t already moved toward containers, it will soon. But this shift isn’t without growing pains. 


IT faces challenges with multiple team-specific Kubernetes deployments, decentralized governance, and lack of consistency among inherited Kubernetes clusters. Now, with Kuberneteadoption on the upswing, IT is expected to do the deployments, which can be time consuming for teams that are unfamiliar with KubernetesIT teams are managing their stakeholders different technology stack preferences and requirements while focusing on scalability and stability in production. 


On the other hand, DevOps teams want the latest modern development tooling. They need to maintain control and flexibility over their clusters on infrastructure that is on demand and hassle free. These teams are all over continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) and DevOps automation. Their primary concerns are around agility and time to value. 


Thpartnership between NetApp and Rancher addresses the challenges of both IT and the DevOps teams that they supportNetApp HCI delivers solid performance at scale for production environments. Rancher delivers modern cloudnative tooling for DevOps. Together, they create the easiest way for IT to get going with Kubernetes, enabling centralized management of multiple clusters, both new and existing. The combination of the two technologies delivers a true hybrid cloud Kubernetes orchestration layer on a modern DevOps cloudnative platform  

How we integrated Rancher into NetApp HCI

We integrated Rancher directly into the NetApp HCI UI for a seamless experienceOn top of NetApp HCI’s highly scalable, private cloud technology is Hybrid Cloud Controlthe management plane where you can go to add a node or upgrade your firmware. We’ve added a button to deploy Rancher directly from Hybrid Cloud Control.  

With push-button ease, you’ll have the Rancher management cluster running on VMware (NetAp HCI is a VMwarebased appliance)Your hybrid cloud and multicloud Kubernetes management plane is ready to go. 

Feature  Applicability  Benefit 
Deployment from Hybrid Cloud Control  Rancher management cluster  Fastest way to get IT going with supporting DevOps-ready Kubernetes 
Lifecycle management from Hybrid Cloud Control  Rancher management cluster  Pushbutton updates for Rancher server and supporting infrastructure 
Node template  User clusters deployed from Rancher  Simplifies creation of user clusters deployed to NetApp HCI 
NetApp Trident in Rancher catalog  User clusters deployed from Rancher  Simplifies persistent volumes from NetApp HCI storage nodes for user clusters 

Rancher, as open source, is free to deploy and use, but Rancher enterprise support is available if you need it. Try out Rancher on NetApp HCI at no additional cost; think of it as an indefinite trial period. Iyou want support later, you can purchase it from NetApp. NetApp provides joint support with Rancher, so you can file support tickets for Rancher directly with NetApp. 

A win-win for IT operations and DevOps

With Rancher on NetApp HCI, both IT operations and DevOps teams benefit. Your IT operations teams can centrally provision Kubernetes services while maintaining control and visibility of all clusters, resources, and security. The provisioned services can then be used by your DevOps teams to efficiently build, deploy, and manage fullfeatured containerized applications. In the end, IT gets what it needs, DevOps gets what it needs, and your organization attains the key benefits of a successful Kubernetes strategy.  

Learn more

For more information about NetApp HCI and Rancher, visit Simplify multicluster Kubernetes management with Rancher on NetApp HCI. 

Sandy MacDonnell

Sandy is a Product Marketing Manager at NetApp. She fell in love with high tech living in the Silicon Valley. After a stint in NetApp’s legal department, and a brief time in Taiwan, she found her way back home to Colorado for an MBA. When she’s not in the office Sandy is in the kitchen experimenting with ingredients she’s discovered on her latest travels, running up the closest mountain or planning her next adventure.

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