The ancient Greeks separated chronos (measured time) from kairos (the right moment). Chronos is still use in words like chronological and anachronism. It refers to clock time – time that can be measured – seconds, minutes, hours, years. Where chronos is quantitative, kairos is qualitative. It measures the quality of moments. More specifically, the right moment. If you are using data to change your corner of the world, to make a difference beyond what you have done before, this is both the right time and the right moment to be at Gartner’s Data and Analytics Summit.


Gartner put together the summit for those leading their company’s digital business transformation. Over the past 3 years, it’s become one of their fastest growing events drawing more than 3000 data and analytics leaders. Fast moving innovators that want to spur new ideas, fast-track digitization projects and scale the value of data and analytics for their firm. And, that’s why NetApp will be there too. For us, this is the right moment to talk more about what we’ve learned over the past four years on the journey to transform a 25-year-old storage company into the data authority for the hybrid cloud.


This year’s summit is happing March 5-8th at the Gaylord Texan in Grapevine Texas, just 10 minutes from Dallas Fort Worth Airport. There will be more than 150 research-driven sessions across focused 8 tracks providing advice and insight on a diverse set of topics ranging from powering your transformation with AI and IoT to driving data-fueled change across company culture. With more than 60 analysts in attendance, every session should be loaded with new, actionable information on these weighty topics.


NetApp’s own senior vice president and general counsel, Matt Fawcett is leading one of these sessions. He’ll be sharing his experiences and offering practical insights on “Getting past “No”: Overcoming Legal resistance to digital transformation”. Matt has been at the forefront of NetApp’s transformation from storage vendor to data services provider and is an expert on data privacy, security, and sovereignty issues companies encounter on the path to become a digital and data-driven business. With Gartner predicting that by 2019 AI will force regulators and lawmakers to take action on its social, ethical and economic effects, this will be packed session.


Along with Matt, NetApp CEO George Kurian and SVP Anthony Lye, leader of NetApp’s rapidly expanding Cloud Data Services business, will be there for meetings with strategic customer and partner. For those interested in actionable next steps that will accelerate their business transformation using cloud, analytics, AI or machine learning, drop by our stand so we can meet you. We’ll have senior solution experts and architects on hand for discussions on data and cloud mobility, data integrity and stewardship, and building a Data Fabric so your firm can harness the power of a hybrid environment to realize your digital ambitions faster.


So, if this is the year you up the anty to stay connected, share continually and innovate constantly, we’d love to talk with you. Staying on top of important trends across a variety of technologies while still immersed in your fast-changing, day-to-day activities is a challenge. If you want new data insights and control, to accelerate workloads and analytics, or to integrate cloud data services and unleash the full potential of your data, we can help. Things aren’t slowing down. If you’re the data visionary for your company, the time is right and the moment is now. Join us at Gartner’s Data and Analytics summit and lets discuss your plans to take your firm to the next level.

Michael Grant

Michael is a marketer by profession, technologist by accident and endlessly curious by nature. He has been obsessed with the intersection of business and technology for well over two decades. When at home in Austin TX, his wife and their six daughters have learned to cheerfully tolerate his disruptive carpentry and gardening projects.

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