With today’s announcement that Microsoft Azure Archive Blob Storage has moved from public preview into general availability, customers can take advantage of a new low-cost storage tier in the cloud. And because the Azure Archive storage tier is fully supported by the latest release of NetApp AltaVault software, customers can begin using this new feature immediately. The integration of AltaVault with Azure Archive is the latest example of how our two companies are collaborating to enable a new class of hybrid cloud data services.


For users who intend to store data that is rarely accessed, whether for archive, compliance or regulatory reasons, Azure Archive Blob Storage provides significant cost savings versus Azure Cool or Hot Blob Storage tiers—without reducing data durability, availability, or security. The new Azure Archive Blob Storage tier compliments the existing tiers and can help you lower your cloud storage costs. You can store your rarely accessed cold data at the lowest storage cost, less frequently accessed cool data at a lower storage cost than hot, and store more frequently accessed hot data at the lowest access cost.


IT organizations that use Azure, such as Metricon and Seminole County Public Schools, have discovered that NetApp AltaVault is an extremely efficient and cost effective cloud-integrated backup and archive solution. AltaVault enables you to fully leverage the capabilities of Azure Blob Storage, without the hassles of fully transforming your backup infrastructure.


AltaVault uses NAS protocols, including Veritas OST, to receive backup workloads from your existing backup software application. Once the backup data is received, the AltaVault software applies best-in-class storage efficiencies, including deduplication and compression. The data is then secured within the AltaVault cache using AES 256-bit encryption for data at rest, and written in an optimized and secured form to Azure storage using secure SSL (TLS) connections. AltaVault’s transformation of your data reduces WAN bandwidth requirements to send it to public cloud storage, and makes sure that you achieve maximum efficiency and security for your data while stored in Azure.


So what kind of cost savings does Azure Archive provide when coupled with AltaVault appliances? Let’s take a closer look at the cost effectiveness of Azure Archive, and compare it against the hot and cool blob tiers in use today. The following table shows the estimated average monthly costs of sending and storing 100TB of weekly backup data to Azure Hot, Cool and Archive Blob Storage tiers, calculated over a 3-year period. 

As you can see from the table above, storage costs for Azure Archive storage are far lower than for Azure Hot or Cool Blob Storage tiers, but the costs to transact data into the Azure Archive tier are higher due to the “one-time” ingest design around storing data for this tier. Because the storage cost savings far exceed the modestly higher transaction costs, Azure Archive provides over 50% savings over Azure Cool Blob Storage, making it the ideal tier for data you truly need to store once and only very infrequently access. Refer to Azure Archiving pricing for more details.


The introduction of Azure Archive Blob Storage expands the options for companies that want to move their infrequently accessed data to the cloud. Together, AltaVault and Azure provide a cost-effective solution for a wide range of data protection requirements, from backup workloads with fast recovery RTOs to long term, infrequently read archive workloads with flexible recovery SLAs. The integration of NetApp AltaVault with Microsoft Azure and Azure Archive Blob Storage enables customers to build a Data Fabric that connects on-premises systems with the cloud.

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Chris Wong

Chris Wong is the product manager for NetApp Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud. To meet the needs of businesses and users who are migrating to or building solutions in Google Cloud, Chris is working on executing the next generation of fully managed file storage services with Google. He has been with NetApp for 5 years and has a deep background in storage and data protection. Chris has previous experience as a product manager and technical marketing engineer in supporting AltaVault as well as NetApp Cloud Backup Service for NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP and for Azure NetApp Files.

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