Not every data center or source of data is in a static, predictable environment. Think of oil derricks, emergency vehicles, or other mobile, tactical vehicles and aircraft. They are exposed to some of the most difficult environments in terms of thermal conditions and abrupt and unpredictable movement, and they still need the highest levels of performance and reliability. The combination of Vector Data’s specialized systems, designed for extreme environmental requirements such as extended temperature, high shock, and vibration protection, and NetApp® ONTAP® Select software enables customers to deploy enterprise-class solutions in tactical and mobile environments.


By combining ONTAP, the industry’s leading data management platform, with solutions from Vector Data, you can have all the benefits of storage efficiency, data reduction (deduplication, compression, and compaction), and data protection (NetApp Snapshot copies, remote backups, and disaster recovery) with the durability of Vector Data’s hardware.


NetApp and Vector Data have been working together successfully for several decades on customized solutions for extreme environments. They have delivered solutions to companies and public-sector organizations around the globe, enabling access to crucial data and securing uploads of sensitive commercial, industrial, or military data assets.

Vector Data Solutions Powered by ONTAP

The Vault Edge Series is a rugged, compact data storage appliance that enables you to create virtual volumes that can be provisioned and managed separately from physical storage. It is fanless with passive cooling, and it complies with numerous military and high-altitude aircraft standards. Vault Edge Series systems running ONTAP Select tie in seamlessly to NetApp All Flash FAS and FAS environments (powered by ONTAP) running in centralized, on-premises environments or to ONTAP hybrid-cloud deployments.

The Vault Edge Series

The hyper converged Vault H2140 is a 2U platform that provides data storage, compute, and network running on a single system with integrated data reduction (deduplication and compression). It also offers backup and disaster recovery to any ONTAP storage system.

Vault H2140

To learn more, visit the Vector Data and NetApp ONTAP Select websites. You can also download the ONTAP Select software for a free trial.

Jay Subramanian

Jay Subramanian has been with NetApp for 15 years and is currently the Vice President of ONTAP Product Management. During this tenure at NetApp, Jay has led product management for a variety of key areas including the WAFL file system, storage efficiency, Flash, performance, multi-tenancy and more recently on Software Defined Storage. He has been an active spokesperson for NetApp on a number of customer and partner facing forums. In his current role, his Product management team sets the direction for the FAS/ONTAP product family. Prior to NetApp, Jay’s career included engineering and Product Management roles at Novell, Lotus/IBM, Network Associates (McAfee) and other startups. Jay also holds a MS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas and is also an alum of the Haas School of Business (UC Berkeley)

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