Visit the NetApp team at Microsoft Ignite 2017 in Orlando at Booth 427 and attend our breakout session to learn how we’re working with Microsoft to provide new hybrid cloud data services for Azure.


Companies are evolving their data centers to integrate hybrid cloud delivery models for greater IT agility. As they build out new cloud data services, they want to retain the benefits of proven methods that offer efficiency, protection, and insight for their enterprise data.


With NetApp® AltaVault™, you can take advantage of a hybrid cloud architecture that uses Microsoft Azure cloud services. AltaVault solutions make sure that your critical on-premises data is securely stored and recoverable in the event of a system failure. For example, AltaVault cloud-integrated appliances store your most recent backups locally using AES 256-bit encryption for data at rest. You also gain the benefits of best-in-class storage efficiencies that reduce the amount of data that needs to be stored and managed, with data reduction ratios up to 25:1.


NetApp AltaVault uses secure TLS connections to replicate your compressed and deduplicated backup data to the cloud. Whether you take advantage of Azure Blob Storage or the newer Cool Blob Storage tier to protect and archive datasets, you gain superior data protection.  Azure not only stores your data, it provides enterprise-grade data availability and durability. With AltaVault storage efficiencies, you’ll save money compared with traditional methods of offsite data protection, such as disk-to-disk replication or third-party vaulting services. AltaVault can secure your data at minimal cost, whether you want to keep it for 30 days or 7 years. New Azure Archive services are planned that can help you drive down the cost of cloud storage even further.


When it comes to recovery, you can securely restore your data from the Azure cloud to locations around the world. If you use Azure storage replication, you can improve data availability across regions as well, ensuring access to data in the geography where you need it. AltaVault is designed to recover data from any Azure region, as long as you have your cloud credentials, encryption key, and access to your Azure data via the internet or a dedicated connection.


AltaVault helps to modernize your data protection posture, both on premises and in the cloud, while reducing security risks. With data secured in Azure, you can rest easy knowing that you have access to critical backup copies of your data whenever you need them—without breaking your IT budget.

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Chris Wong

Chris Wong is the product manager for NetApp Cloud Volumes Service for Google Cloud. To meet the needs of businesses and users who are migrating to or building solutions in Google Cloud, Chris is working on executing the next generation of fully managed file storage services with Google. He has been with NetApp for 5 years and has a deep background in storage and data protection. Chris has previous experience as a product manager and technical marketing engineer in supporting AltaVault as well as NetApp Cloud Backup Service for NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP and for Azure NetApp Files.

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