Those who know me well, know that I thrive on competition and love to win.  And I get a thrill when the work we do at NetApp puts us on top. In the newly published SPEC SFS2014 SWBUILD benchmark testing, AFF A800, the industry’s first all-NVMe flash storage system inside and out, delivered mind-blowing performance landing the #1 spot on the chart! It produced 6200 SPEC SFS2014 SWBUILD (software) BUILDS with an Overall Response Time (ORT) of 830µs with a 12-node system. This is an even more impressive result after we published a top-ranking result back in November when the 8-node AFF A800 system delivered nearly 3 times the performance of the nearest contender, leaving our competition completely in the dust.

NetApp AFF A800


The SPEC benchmark validates that AFF is the industry’s fastest all-flash system for scale-out NAS environments where a high file-count is required, such as build farms, render farms, EDA, AI workflows, etc. Better yet, these results were achieved with inline storage efficiency technologies such as compression and deduplication turned on by default. It demonstrates the simplicity and efficiency of the ONTAP FlexGroup feature that was at core of the result. This benchmark is yet another proof point for our AFF system, which delivered outstanding SPC-1 benchmark results with 2.4M SPC-1 IOPS at 590µs SPC-1 IOPS Response Time a few months ago.


The performance story does not stop with the A800. The midrange AFF A300 recently won the Editor’s Choice Award from StorageReview, which bestows this award for “performance in excess of competitive offerings, a feature set that is innovative and sets a new bar for competitive offerings or for defining a new category or space within enterprise IT”. Through Storage Review’s independent testing with Oracle, SQL, VDI workloads, AFF A300 stands out with its impressive performance and feature set.


Storage Review | 2018 Editor’s Choice Award


Gaining industry recognition is an honor, but to assure you AFF will deliver superior performance in any unique IT environment, we have something to put your mind completely at ease. We don’t just claim high performance, we guarantee it! We guarantee consistent low latency of 500µs for AFF A800 for all kinds of workloads in your environment. Similar guarantees are also provided for other models in the AFF portfolio, A300, A700 and A700s.


With industry’s most powerful AFF A-Series all-flash systems we are helping our customers take on the challenge with performance that completely changes the name of the game. Ultra-high performance translates to massive scale, which is the key to success in today’s digital transformation. You can completely change the way IT supports your business and unleash the power of your data with AFF all-flash systems. This means you can support the most demanding applications such as AI, ML and real-time analytics, and others that may not even be possible before on the one hand. On the other hand, you can consolidate more and more applications on fewer storage systems, leading to dramatically smaller storage footprint, less power consumption, and reduced IT support cost associated with performance tuning.


Combined with the unmatched versatility and cloud-connectivity of ONTAP storage management software, we are helping customers discover the gold mine of their data in an unprecedented way. Start your journey with industry’s fastest and most cloud-connected flash solutions now and become the data visionary you have always envisioned yourself to be.


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Octavian Tanase

Octavian Tanase is the senior vice president of NetApp’s Data ONTAP
operating system group. Previously Octavian was the GM of the Cloud Appliance – AltaVault, Group which built the fabric to enable enterprises to operate in hybrid cloud environment to send their backups and archives to the cloud. Octavian started at NetApp as the vice president of the Data Protection engineering team who shipped world-class data protection products such as SnapMirror, MetroCulster, SnapVault.

Before joining NetApp in 2010, Octavian led the Java Platform engineering
group at Sun Microsystems/Oracle. He has also held various engineering
roles in several start-ups in Silicon Valley.

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