The business landscape is evolving faster than ever. As the scope for innovation broadens with the application of cloud services, it is essential that businesses have the opportunity to educate themselves on its potential value.


This is why we’ve launched a new consultancy offering, Cloud Value Management. With Cloud Value Management we help you look beyond the bounds of traditional IT, to consider how cloud can support your business’s competitive advantage:

  1. What is it that determines the business value of cloud for you?
  2. How do you know if your cloud plans enable you to achieve your business goals?

Cloud Value Management is designed to help you consider the cloud’s technical feasibility, economic viability, and legal applicability in order to build a business advantage using the cloud, and there are really two key components to Cloud Value Management.

Engaging with the Cloud Workshop

The interactive and inter-disciplinary workshop format is comprised out of three, one-day strategy, business and legal modules and during this workshop the cross-functional participants will work together and receive:

  • A holistic and compact knowledge of technical, business and legal aspects under hybrid cloud environments
  • The ability to evaluate cloud from a business perspective and to determine the business value for different deployment options based on a specific use case
  • A common understanding using a consultative approach to develop a joint strategy, and execution plan, leveraging the perspectives and challenges of different stakeholders

Hybrid Cloud Readiness Service

The Hybrid Cloud Readiness Service applies the CVM methodology and tool set to a customer’s specific use case to determine the cloud’s contribution to the companies’ business objectives and competitive advantage. The result of this consulting is:

  • Qualitative and quantitative business value assessment
  • A customized transition & execution roadmap

Today we’re focused on getting the most from the cloud: once business approaches have been refined,  we can face the next challenges set off by rapid digital transformation and translate cloud into a competitive advantage. Those who aren’t looking ahead could well be caught out.


I encourage you to watch my video and to sign up for Cloud Value Management today in order to translate cloud into your competitive advantage.

Sebastian Zilch

Sebastian Zilch focusses on developing new services, products and business models for NetApp’s Emerging Solution and Innovation Group EMEA. He has extensive experience in cloud technologies and creating new business models. His mission is to help enterprises of all sizes successfully develop and implement their organizational cloud strategies. He therefore enables our NetApp sales force to be trusted cloud advisors. Sebastian further shares a passion for new technologies, specifically the blockchain technology.