Ensuring the security of your corporate data is no easy task, and the consequences of failure are staggering. But now you can meet this immense challenge and protect your data with help from NetApp. To help keep your critical data secure, we’re introducing a new tool called NetApp® Cloud Secure.


The number of high-profile data security breaches continues at an alarming rate. From Edward Snowden to Equifax to Facebook, we have all been affected in some way. IBM’s recent study on the cost of a data breach surveyed 2,200 IT, data protection, and compliance professionals from 477 companies that have experienced a data breach over the past 12 months. The results of the study show that the average cost of a data breach is $3.86 million.


Aside from the cost, the sheer number of data breaches is also disturbing. The Breach Level Index puts the number of lost or stolen data records at over 6 million a day. That’s 80 records stolen each second!


I’m sure that, as the person who’s responsible for your company’s data security, you’re no stranger to these scary statistics. You know how hard it is to identify malicious users, especially given that your current tools cover only fragments of your data that spans the cloud and on-premises environments.


At NetApp, we’re working continually to help you change your world with data. We understand the value that you place on your data and the importance of keeping it secure. Those are the primary reasons that we developed Cloud Secure.


With Cloud Secure, you get data-access visibility into all your corporate data, whether it’s stored in public clouds, private clouds, or on-premises data centers. Cloud Secure gives you a single, holistic view of how all your corporate data is accessed. With Cloud Secure, you can stop using multiple tools and manual processes that fail to provide you with timely and accurate visibility and control.


To keep up with ever-changing and ever-growing threats, Cloud Secure uses advanced technologies such as machine learning. Through pattern recognition and anomaly detection, Cloud Secure enables you to confidently protect your organization’s data from being misused by malicious or compromised users.


And with the use of machine learning, Cloud Secure alerts you only about malicious data access. You are alerted when behaviors that are outside the normal pattern are detected, even if a user has approved credentials. It’s this kind of detection that catches both compromised users and bad actors. Machine learning and anomaly detection also enable Cloud Secure to alert you to access patterns that signal ransomware activity.


Protecting your data for the sake of your business and your customers is only part of the equation. Cloud Secure also helps you comply with legal regulations for data security. With Cloud Secure, you can monitor and audit all user data access in real time and automatically take actions such as updating protection policies, validating permissions, and restricting access.

See Cloud Secure in Action

To see the key features of Cloud Secure and how they work, watch the following brief demonstration.


Are you ready to enhance your data security to help protect your business, your reputation, and your customers? Register now for an early preview of Cloud Secure.

Omri Kessel

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