NetApp Cloud Volumes Service

As mentioned previously in a prior blog, NetApp has worked with VMware Cloud on AWS to provide enterprise-class storage features in AWS. Now called Cloud Volumes ONTAP (formerly, ONTAP Cloud), NetApp can provide the same enterprise-class features in a virtualized appliance that we do on-premises in an engineered system. NetApp and VMware continue to work together on cloud solutions and have added to the joint engineering efforts support for an even easier to use cloud service called NetApp Cloud Volumes Service for AWS.


Cloud Volumes Service for AWS is a fully managed service providing NetApp’s rich set of NAS and data management to AWS users.  It provides enterprise-class features as a cloud service, so customers do not have to manage a storage appliance (physical or virtual). A customer can simply subscribe to Cloud Volumes Service in the AWS Marketplace and provision volume(s) of different sizes simply and quickly. Provisioning of a 100TB volume can be as fast as several seconds. Then the virtual machines simply mount the volume(s) to access their data.


When our joint work bears fruit, VMware Cloud customers will be able to choose to take advantage of the simplicity and performance of Cloud Volumes Service and use our industry leading data management capabilities for instantaneous snapshots, immediate cloning of VMs, and replication of data.  In other words, customers will be able to enjoy in the cloud what they do on-premises by combining VMware and NetApp.  Customers will then be able to effectively use the cloud for DR and migrate workloads to AWS.  We believe choice and flexibility are good things, and hope you agree.


Learn more about NetApp Cloud Volumes Service for AWS.

Angus Wang

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