You may have heard us use the term “NetApp community wisdom” in relation to NetApp® Active IQ®. Yes, we did make that up, but it has meaning for us—and more importantly, it has meaning for you and your business.


If you’ve ever worked with statistics, you understand one thing: sample size matters. When it comes to doing analytics, the more data you have to work with, the more accurate and prescriptive you can be. Active IQ uses data from NetApp products in the field to provide actionable intelligence that you can use to make smarter decisions. Our pool of machine-generated data is huge—petabytes of data from billions of data point generated by more than 300K connected products around the globe—and growing every day. It’s such a big pool that it’s more like a lake, a data lake, and it’s larger than anything our competitors have. But what does that have to do with community wisdom?


Those 300K+ connected products make up NetApp’s “community.” Active IQ uses NetApp AutoSupport® telemetry data from those products to identify patterns and make recommendations about how you can optimize your systems. Data scientists and engineers derive “wisdom” from the data by using the latest machine learning and AI techniques. Because NetApp’s data lake is broader and deeper than anyone else’s, we can offer the most robust, actionable intelligence based on how systems like yours are performing (or not performing, as the case may be). And we can present that data to you in ways that make it easy for you to make fast, smart decisions.


By identifying trends across NetApp’s community, Active IQ can suggest ways to enhance the efficiency of your infrastructure. You can see these recommendations at a glance, and at the click of a button you can take steps to improve your efficiency, saving you money on infrastructure and preventing unnecessary overpurchasing. Active IQ can tell you about problems in your environment before they happen. Using data from customers who have had similar issues and resolved them, Active IQ can alert you about risk factors and tell you how to mitigate them.


Community wisdom is the key to how Active IQ can help you drive digital transformation for your business. By drawing on data from across NetApp’s worldwide installed base, Active IQ can give you smart, actionable advice on how to get the most out of your infrastructure. It uses data to solve customers’ real problems, and we’re doing the same thing for our own operations! NetApp uses Active IQ data generated from analytics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to build better products that meet our customers’ changing needs. We’re harvesting data about how our products are being used and turning it into knowledge that makes our customers more successful. Active IQ is an important part of how NetApp has transformed to become the data authority for the hybrid cloud.


See what Active IQ can do for you. Watch this lightboard presentation to learn more.


Marty Mayer

Marty is the Director of Product Management for NetApp Active IQ. He is responsible for leading product management teams and setting product strategy for customer, partner, and internal usage of Active IQ. He has over twenty years of industry experience, with his primary focus being on improving digital experiences for customers. His passion is helping customers solve their toughest IT challenges and drive better business outcomes using automation and predictive analytics.

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