In today’s fast-changing business world, where attracting new customers, retaining customer loyalty, and remaining competitive, developing the right software makes a difference. At the same time, the longstanding cultural divide between development and operations has traditionally inhibited collaboration and led to slow development cycles.


At NetApp, we’re committed to optimizing your development lifecycle and improving the developer experience by enabling IT throughout six core capabilities: containers, configuration management, code and artifact management, continuous integration/continuous development, cloud / Platform as a Service (PaaS), and analytics.,


By creating data services that help build trust, NetApp provides the tools that, together with DevOps techniques and methods, enable companies to transform the relationship between developers and operations.


NetApp has also launched the NetApp Kubernetes Service, a Universal Control Plane for Managed Kubernetes which drastically simplifies the deployment of a Kubernetes cluster to the clouds. By creating data services that help build trust between developers and operations, NetApp provides the tools that, together with DevOps techniques and methods, enable companies to transform this traditional approach.


This follows our recent acquisition of StackPointCloud, an advanced Kubernetes-as-a-service platform that directly supports the application orchestration capabilities of NetApp’s Data Fabric.

Focus on Efficiency, Agility, and Collaboration in the Cloud

At NetApp, data-driven DevOps makes it faster and simpler to accelerate new business opportunities in three distinct ways:

  • Efficient self-service resources for improved infrastructure utilization and flexibility
  • Faster development cycles with advanced data services — spend more time developing and less time managing services
  • Let developers take charge of infrastructure requirements, while operations still maintain operational visibility

Trident represents the latest in automated storage provisioning

We understand that developers and app teams don’t understand storage and really don’t want to. With NetApp’s Trident they don’t have to. No matter what tools your developers use, Trident allows them to build better software faster. They can deliver micro services and simplify the application deployment process with containers.


Trident, NetApp’s automated storage provisioner for Docker, Kubernetes, and OpenShift, now supports NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP® and backup and restore using NetApp Snapshot™ technology, and features multicloud support.


With Trident, you can reduce operations management and easily incorporate NetApp into your container strategy for:

  • Logging
  • Data protection
  • Databases
  • Traditional applications
  • Cloud-native apps

All key features and functionality across NetApp’s entire product portfolio, including Trident, can be configured and managed through open APIs, delivering a predictable, tool-agnostic experience.


With Trident, storage is described by attributes and it automatically makes calls to available storage by class. It is automated, scalable, and integrated with the underlying systems so that you can still take advantage of unique characteristics like the QoS capabilities of NetApp HCI.

Go to Market with the Top Clouds

Are you undecided about which of the world’s top partners to use? With NetApp, you don’t have to worry because we’ve made great progress up and down the stack and across all our partners.


With Red Hat OpenShift on NetApp HCI Verified Architecture, DevOps can easily manage containers in the private cloud. Here’s how:

  • Deliver applications faster by enabling businesses to continuously deliver differentiated value to market by accelerating the building, deployment, and management of applications.
  • Empower DevOps with self-service that unites developers and operations with an “it just works” experience so that teams can build, deploy, and scale applications with containers and a simple hybrid cloud infrastructure.
  • Simplify and automate operations to quickly and easily deliver a cloud application platform without the time and complexity associated with designing a custom platform.

NetApp Cloud Volumes for AWS offers secure and proven NFS and SMB data management services for AWS. Cloud Volumes for AWS is listed on AWS Marketplace and is available in expanded international markets.


NetApp Cloud Volumes for Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is a no-ops service with a truly native experience, including support from Google, Google Cloud UI for provisioning and management, and three performance levels: Standard, Premium, and Extreme.

Drive Your Business to New Heights with Data-Driven DevOps

Delivering business value from data depends on developers’ ability to innovate rapidly. At NetApp, our data-driven approach offers a portfolio of products and services that allows developers to innovate like never before. And when that happens, business success is sure to follow.

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