A few weeks ago, we were excited to announce the availability of NetApp® HCI. The hyper converged infrastructure (HCI) market is growing and evolving rapidly, and NetApp continues to innovate to help your organization keep pace. NetApp believes that enterprise-scale HCI and its integration into the Data Fabric are key to your company’s digital transformation.


In fact, Gartner recently released its strategic predictions for 2018 and beyond. From bots and artificial intelligence to everything IoT (Internet of Things), the predictions all point to a future in which the evolution of digital innovation will continue—with data at the center of it. So, it’s not surprising that the world is expected to create and replicate 163ZB of data by 2025, a tenfold increase from the amount of data that was created in 2016.


But what do these predictions and these numbers mean for your business?

A Data-Driven Transformation and Its Challenges

We are experiencing a fundamental shift from using data to run business to recognizing that data is business. A data-driven transformation strategy must be at the top of the business agenda, for all enterprises, across all industries, and on a global scale.


However, what comes with such a shift is the inevitable surge in distributed, dynamic, and diverse data that is stored in multiple locations. This data is constantly changing and is generated within and outside the organization. Therefore, the ability to effectively manage data from connected devices and environments and to confirm data sovereignty, security, and cost containment is the new-age differentiator that gives your organization a competitive advantage.


To achieve this advantage with agile and economic data management and faster time to insights, the Data Fabric is an optimal approach. Your IT team can manage and secure information from connected devices across the hybrid cloud.

Hyper Converged Infrastructure at Enterprise Scale Is the Future

As an integral part of the Data Fabric, HCI has quickly been adopted for its potential to simplify data center operations and to reduce management overhead. However, to fully deliver on its promise to enable the next-generation data center, HCI must meet the expectations of the future.


In addition to delivering simplicity, what we call an enterprise-scale HCI must be:

  1. Predictable: In the face of proliferating applications and workloads, delivering predictable performance is one of the biggest challenges in any data center. Whenever you have multiple applications that share the same infrastructure, the potential exists for one application to interfere with the performance of another.
  2. Flexible and scalable: HCI must be able to scale compute and storage resources independently. Independent scaling increases efficiency, avoids costly overprovisioning, and simplifies capacity and performance planning.
  3. Automated: A key to empowering an agile and responsive IT team is to automate all routine tasks. Automation eliminates the risk of user error that is associated with manual operations and frees up resources to focus on higher-value assignments that drive business.

NetApp HCI is the first enterprise-scale hyper converged infrastructure solution in the industry, and it is built on a best-in-class combination of NetApp SolidFire® and VMware vSphere technology. With NetApp HCI, enterprises, midsize businesses, and service providers can easily consolidate all workloads, scale in ways that won’t strand resources, and deliver the performance that next-generation data center applications need.


Get the scale and the quality of service that your modern applications require with NetApp HCI. This hyper converged infrastructure at enterprise scale is essential to help you build a next-generation data center to facilitate digital transformation, to enhance IT operations, and to meet your changing business needs.


Take the next step toward digital transformation. Learn more about how NetApp HCI is Ready for Next by reading the datasheet and even watching a demonstration.

Tim Pitcher

Tim Pitcher is the Vice President, Next Generation Data Centre, at NetApp. Leading with the SolidFire portfolio, Tim is responsible for the go to market of NetApp’s strategic product portfolio through our global Sales organisation and network of distributors and partners. Tim has significant international experience, most recently founding SolidFire’s International business and as Vice President, served on SolidFire’s senior leadership team. Previously Tim was Vice President, International Business at 3PAR covering Europe and Asia. Post-acquisition by HP, Tim led the 3PAR integration and sales acceleration in to HP’s EMEA and global accounts organisations, helping drive one of the IT industries most successful mergers. Tim joined NetApp in 1998 and served for eight years in various senior positions including VP Global Accounts and VP Northern Europe. Prior to NetApp, Tim ran SUN Microsystems Financial Services District based in the City of London.