NetApp is gaining impressive momentum with new customer acquisitions. Now NetApp is raising the bar again with integrated deployment of its #1 file storage operating system, ONTAP Select.  NetApp HCI provides proven multiprotocol and hybrid cloud support straight out of the box bringing enterprise grade features to customers wanting more from their HCI investments than just a single application use.


The new ONTAP Select 9 release offers full support for most of the ONTAP 9 functionality. The supported functionality includes:

  • SnapMirror® and SnapVault®
  • FlexClone®
  • SnapRestore®
  • NetApp Volume Encryption (NVE)
  • FlexGroups (starting with ONTAP Select 9.2)

High availability for the ONTAP Select operating system is provided by vSphere on the compute nodes. NetApp HCI storage nodes provide high availability for the ONTAP Select data. See diagram below.

ONTAP Select data resides on the NetApp HCI storage cluster. All client reads and writes traverse the virtualized network and storage I/O paths. Compute nodes that are running ONTAP Select operate alongside compute nodes that are running general virtualized workloads on the same cluster. ONTAP Select data is distributed across the NetApp HCI storage cluster. NetApp HCI quality of service (QoS) is configurable for ONTAP Select datastores as well as other workloads that are running in the NetApp HCI system. Below is a diagram of the ONTAP select I/O path through the NetApp HCI system.

One of the most common use cases for NetApp HCI is VDI/ EUC deployment. EUC deployments include multiple solution components that have different capacity and performance requirements.  See diagram below.

EUC requires multiple protocols for different solution components. For this use case, NetApp HCI with ONTAP Select is perfect. With NetApp HCI QoS you can dynamically set predictable performance minimums per component using data stores. NetApp HCI efficiency guarantees are as high as 7:1 for VDI/EUC deployments.  We are the first HCI vendor in the market to provide efficiency guarantees to our customers. Our customers can backup and recover user data to ONTAP cloud in AWS or Azure from ONTAP select. In addition, you can leverage more traditional NetApp backup options such as SnapVault and SnapMirror to existing on-premises ONTAP. For more information, please see Accelerating End-User Computing Deployments with NetApp HCI whitepaper


NetApp HCI vendor is prepared for the most challenging enterprise demands with our integration of the #1 file storage operating system ONTAP Select. NetApp HCI combines the best scale out and file storage technologies in the market today.  We are predictable, flexible, simple and fully cloud integrated with the NetApp Data Fabric.


NetApp HCI raising the bar!

Troy Mangum

Troy Mangum has been in the IT industry for 17 years, with 13 years spent in Storage industry at EMC and NetApp. Troy is currently a Sr. Product Marketing Manager for NetApp HCI. Previously, Troy was the Sr. Technical Marketing Engineering Manager for Flexpod. Troy spread heads Flexpod solutions in emerging technology areas to include Hybrid Cloud solutions with AWS/Azure, Docker solutions, Flash solutions for Enterprise Applications like VDI, Private Cloud solutions like OpenStack Troy’s organization had the honor of winning ‘Best in Show for Cloud products’ at Citrix Synergy for their work on Netapp integrations for Apache Cloud stack.

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