Determining the right way to deliver a consumption experience that public cloud providers offer, regardless of location or infrastructure, is top-of-mind for many IT leaders today. You need to deliver the agility, scale, speed, and services on-premises that you can easily get from the public cloud. 


Most enterprises can’t operate 100% in the public cloud. Between traditional applications that can’t be moved from the datacenter and regulatory compliance, security, performance, and cost concerns, it’s not realistic. But there is a way to have the best of both worlds. You can deliver an experience based on frictionless consumption, self-service, automation, programmable APIs, and infrastructure independence. And deploy hybrid cloud services between traditional and new applications, and between your datacenters and all of your public clouds. It’s possible to do cloud your way, with a hybrid multi-cloud experience

Start anywhere. Run anywhere. Manage everywhere.  


At NetApp Insight 2018, we showed the world that we’re at the forefront of the next wave of HCI. Although, typically standing for hyper converged infrastructure, our solution is a hybrid cloud infrastructure. With our Data Fabric approach, you can build your own IT, act like a cloud, and easily connect across the biggest clouds: 

Make it easier to deploy and manage services. 

You can provide a frictionless, cloudlike consumption experience, simplifying how you work on-premises and with the biggest clouds. 

Free yourself from infrastructure constraints. 

You can automate management complexities and command performance while delivering new services. 

Never sacrifice performance again. 

Scale limits won’t concern you. You can use the public cloud to extend from core to cloud and back and move from idea to deployment in record time. 


When you stop trying to stretch your current infrastructure beyond its capabilities to be everything to everyone and adopt a solution that was created to let you meet – and exceed – the demands of your organization, regardless of its size, you’re able to take command and deliver a seamless experience.

Real-World Results 

How does it work? Take a look at how Children’s Mercy Hospital improved patient care and provided a consistent user experience by using NetApp® HCI to deploy its virtual desktop (VDI) solution across different workloads in the public cloud and on-premises.


Command Your Multi-Cloud Like a Boss 

If you’re ready to unleash agility and latent abilities in your organization, and truly thrive with data, it’s time to break free from the limits of what HCI was and adopt a solution that lets you enable what it can be.  


With the NetApp hybrid multi-cloud experience, delivered by the Data Fabric and hybrid cloud infrastructure, you’ll drive business success, meeting the demands of your users and the responsibilities of your enterprise. You’ll deliver the best user experiences while increasing productivity, maintaining simplicity, and delivering more services at scale. You won’t be controlled by cloud restrictions; you’ll have your clouds at your command.  


And isn’t that the way it should have always been?  


Start Your Mission. 


Your Clouds at Your Command with NetApp HCI. 


Want to find out more? Take a a deeper look at the Evolution of Hyperconvergence to Hybrid Cloud.

Nancy Hart

In her current role, Nancy Hart is responsible for driving material impact to the business using modern marketing toolsets. She focuses on reaching new buyers and new markets for NetApp’s expanding portfolio of products, services and technologies. Nancy is especially passionate about the opportunities for customers to leverage the best of public clouds and private datacenters to build new businesses.

Nancy is a 20-year enterprise storage veteran with positions at Oracle, Sun Microsystems and StorageTek in roles of increasing scope and responsibility. She launched her career in semiconductor manufacturing at Motorola in Austin, Texas. Nancy is a graduate of Kansas State University in Chemical Engineering and holds an MBA from Harvard Business School. She is currently loving the city life in downtown Denver, Colorado.

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