Going to NetApp Insight for the first time as a member of the NetApp A-Team was absolutely impressive and exceeded all my expectations. Being a part of this group of individuals with so much expertise and talent helped me discover new ways that I could improve my own organization with NetApp technology.


Insight really is a great opportunity to learn from data visionaries and to network with individuals that are facing the same challenges that we are. It’s our chance to learn from each other about how to make data more valuable. In healthcare, we obtain so much data, but making it meaningful and beneficial to our patients is what’s important.


The beauty of Insight is that you get to see the solution in action. You can see how you can customize your experience of the product to maximize its impact and help you go in the direction your business needs to go. At Insight, you get an exclusive look at the future of NetApp and the path it’s leading towards. Being able to see the roadmap and how efficient and innovative this company is was mind-blowing. In between sessions, I found lots of opportunities for great quality conversations and in-depth technical discussions with NetApp executives that you wouldn’t otherwise have on a daily basis. If you have some room in your schedule, I’d also recommend taking some time to improve your skills by taking certification exams or participating in the hands-on labs.


While at Insight, I got to speak on data security, which is of vital importance in the healthcare industry. What NetApp is doing with things like multifactor authentication, cloud, artificial intelligence, and the Data Fabric really enables me to drive new security initiatives at my organization that I couldn’t do before. Getting the inside track on all these technologies and concepts was extremely beneficial to me, and it was unlike anything I’d ever experienced at a conference of this kind.


Part of what drew me to NetApp was its strong focus in my industry. A lot of people think SAN solutions when they hear NetApp, but the reality is there are so many other amazing things they’re doing around cloud, cybersecurity, and industry-specific solutions like healthcare. NetApp’s overall focus on changing the world with data specifically resonates with me as a healthcare IT professional. They understand the complexities that healthcare organizations have and that we are actually saving lives with our data. Yes, we’re behind the curve when it comes to technology, but NetApp helps us drive the innovation and the improvement we need to get ahead. At the end of the day, I’m not looking for another technology vendor—I’m looking for a business partner. With NetApp, it’s all about our mutual success.


If you’re thinking about heading to Insight for the first time, my advice to you would be to keep an open mind and prepare to be amazed.

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Michael Archuleta

Michael Archuleta is the CIO at Mt. San Rafael Hospital in Trinidad, Colorado. Recognized as a Top Hospital and Health System CIO to know and named a Rising Star in healthcare, Michael is a cutting-edge, innovative, visionary leader. Michael currently serves on the board of directors for The Neural Network, a CXO advisory board facilitated by NetApp. He is a Healthcare Ambassador for Fujitsu of America and a past Board of Director for the Colorado HIMSS Chapter. He is also an active member of CHIME, a cyber security advisor to a healthcare startup company, and an active speaker within the field of HIT.

In his current role, Michael oversees all aspects of the ITS Department at Mt. San Rafael Hospital and has led major organizational transformations. During Michael’s time serving as CIO, he has led and designed the hospital’s first data center while adding virtualization efforts that reduced costs by 56% and improved uptime from 59% to 99%.

Under Michael’s guidance and leadership, Mt. San Rafael Hospital has also been presented the 2015, 2016, and 2017 Healthcare’s Most Wired Award, given annually to the top hospitals in the country making the most progress in the adoption of HIT.