When it comes to massive unstructured data growth, the NetApp® StorageGRID® software-defined object-based storage solution has you covered. This scale-out, node-based architecture gives you the agility to increase capacity on demand across your sites for up to hundreds of petabytes.


Instead of trying to manage multiple active namespaces across multiple data centers that can’t communicate with one another, StorageGRID provides a single distributed namespace designed for massive scale.


The solution can be deployed easily, and in a variety of ways. Whether it’s software defined in docker containers, VMware virtualized environments, or engineered appliances, the choice is yours. You can span a single namespace across up to 16 data centers around the world, storing hundreds of billions of objects. You will be able to deliver multiple service levels intelligently, and you will have the comfort of knowing that your data is in the right place, at the right time, and with the right level of performance and durability, throughout its entire lifecycle.


Traditional IT can’t keep up with the pace of data growth. Not only are there new data sources, but existing data is stored for longer periods of time for its potential future value in analytics or machine learning. Keeping up with this data growth can dramatically increase the cost of scaling your storage.


NetApp StorageGRID helps reduce costs and improve service levels to avoid the risk of shadow IT, and it provides additional data insight across all of your applications. We’ve had great success in solving unstructured data growth for our customers by using StorageGRID, and now it’s our turn to help you.


To learn more about NetApp StorageGRID, watch the video below. Duncan Moore, director of the StorageGRID software group, explains how this NetApp product can help you manage your massive unstructured data growth and outlines your next steps for deployment.


To learn more about NetApp StorageGRID, visit netapp.com.

Caitlin Knight

Caitlin is a social content creator for NetApp’s Cloud Infrastructure marketing team. Working alongside the content strategy and the social media teams, Caitlin creates content that is paramount to helping customers understand how to harness the power of their data.