In October 2017, NetApp University launched a new digital badge platform for NetApp Certified and Accredited professionals. This blog is the first in a series that will explain the benefits of our new platform and how you can get the most out of your NetApp digital badges.


Our new digital badge system uses the Acclaim badges platform, which builds on the capabilities of our previous platform and offers several exciting new features. Like our previous platform, Acclaim enables you to post badges in your email signature and on various social media platforms. And, like before, Acclaim also makes validating your certifications and accreditations to employers and customers as easy as clicking on the badge.


However, one big advantage of the platform is the ability for you to view labor market opportunities related to the skills that you have demonstrated. You can also click on the badge to view a list of recommended courses and certifications to continue your professional growth.


The new platform helps:

  • Organizations make sure their employees are staying up to date
  • Partners validate to customers that they have the skills needed
  • Individuals explore the job market and demonstrate their skills sets to employers

Soon we will also be expanding our digital badge platform to recognize knowledge, skills, and proficiencies earned by completing stand-alone NetApp courses, labs, and bootcamps. This feature will provide even more incentives for individuals to begin their training and grow their skills.


Since we moved to the new platform in October, the NetAppU certification community has embraced the digital badge system. More than 45% of technical certified professionals have accepted their digital badges—far above the industry average of 30%.


“NetApp University continues to add value for customers and partners by staying ahead in this digital world. Since I started using the new NetApp certification digital badge system, I can now easily let people know what certifications I have—it’s valuable information at your fingertips! As a NetApp partner and an IT professional, I would recommend you start using these digital badges to enhance you career.”

 Pete Ybarra, Field Technical Consultant, Tech Data


For more information about NetApp Digital Badges, visit or contact the NetApp Certification Program at

Greg Hyman

Greg Hyman has been in the IT testing industry for over 10 years, and (surprisingly) really enjoys the industry and what he does for a living. He likes to joke that “if someone told me 15 years ago that I’d be writing tests for a living and loving it, I wouldn’t believe them. But I write tests for a living and love it.” But Greg tends to joke a lot.

Greg lives south of Raleigh, NC in a town named Fuquay-Varina, which, if you can pronounce correctly, he will shake your hand. Greg enjoys playing strategic board games and has been happily married to a wonderful woman for over 10 years, who tolerates his sense of humor.

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