Enterprises face constant pressure to enable new customer touch points, uncover business opportunities, and optimize and accelerate operations. For IT departments tasked with supporting and advancing their organizations’ digital transformation, the rapid pace of new service deployments and demand for increased service delivery is making it difficult to maintain enough compute, storage and networking resources to meet customer demand.


As part of our continued efforts to help customers transform digitally, NetApp introduced NetApp® Converged Systems Advisor (CSA) for FlexPod: a cloud-based platform that targets key challenges in the data center operations lifecycle by validating, monitoring and optimizing the deployment of FlexPod infrastructure. NetApp CSA offers refined automation tools that simplify lifecycle management, improve productivity, and facilitate infrastructure management.


Key benefits of NetApp CSA include:

  • Validation: Users gain assurance that the implemented data center infrastructure is a supported and compliant FlexPod® system. In addition, NetApp CSA offers a simplified assessment and inventory of data center infrastructure and firmware, as well as a centralized view of software and hardware for storage, compute and network components.
  • Monitoring: NetApp CSA offers centralized system-level notifications for compliance issues with an automated health check history for improved maintenance processes and change control review. In addition, IT administrators can expect a reduced time to resolution for support issues and continual monitoring for assurance of business continuity.
  • Optimization: IT administrators can maximize the health of their system infrastructure by gaining a holistic view of their data center infrastructure. Meanwhile, NetApp CSA also protects their mission critical infrastructure investments with a simplified view of component lifecycle and support expirations.

As companies adopt new business models and become data-centric organizations, a simplified IT infrastructure that can adapt quickly to the requirements of applications and end-users is critical. NetApp CSA builds on our commitment to helping companies create innovative business opportunities, enable new customer touchpoints through technology, and optimize IT operations.


The FlexPod systems, jointly developed by Cisco and NetApp, are the industry’s fastest growing integrated infrastructure and certified reference systems* and deliver proven value, agility and performance. Extending automation capabilities for the FlexPod platform continues to deliver on the promise of agile service delivery required for digital transformation. NetApp CSA adds to the portfolio of FlexPod solutions that have been deployed by over 8,700 global customers and 1,100 partners that serve 100 countries. Representing over 250 years of combined engineering experience, the FlexPod portfolio has generated a total of $10 billion in combined revenue across Cisco and NetApp to date.


With a focus on innovation through collaboration, NetApp has developed a rich ecosystem of partners who together deliver end-to-end business solutions that help customers maximize the value of their IT investments. This announcement is another example of how NetApp is advancing its commitment to help customers unleash the power of data to achieve a new competitive advantage.


Additional Resources

* IDC, Worldwide Quarterly Converged Systems Tracker – 2017Q2, September 26, 2017 (YoY revenue growth)

Ranjeet Sudan

Ranjeet is Vice President of NetApp’s Converged Infrastructure Group. In his role, Ranjeet is responsible for NetApp's portfolio of converged infrastructure solutions including FlexPod, the jointly developed system from Cisco and NetApp. With nearly 30 years of industry experience, Ranjeet has been at the forefront of product innovations that have transformed markets and created new product categories, driving new business models and strategies across key networking products and data center converged infrastructure solutions. Ranjeet previously served as Senior Director of product management for FlexPod solutions at NetApp, establishing the FlexPod converged infrastructure solution as a market leading platform for datacenter workloads, private and hybrid cloud service offerings.

Prior to joining NetApp, Ranjeet spent 13 years at Cisco Systems and 10 years at Digital Equipment Corporation in a variety of Product Management, Business Development and Manufacturing positions. Ranjeet holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University and a Master of Business Administration from Boston College.

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