The NetApp IT Multimedia Group is responsible for the vast majority of the company’s video productions, producing over 350 live events and nearly double that amount of recorded productions for internal product teams and organization. The team is challenged with meeting growing demands and shrinking timelines for multi-camera live events, live broadcast events, scripted studio and video productions and other projects, in addition to managing the growth of the burgeoning media library.


To meet these challenges, the NetApp Multimedia Group employs NetApp EF-Series, E-Series and StorageGRID for production, NetApp HCI for application hosting and video rendering, and NetApp AFF and StorageGRID for enterprise-level storage tiering and long-term archiving.


As a result, the team has realized immediate content edit-while-ingest across the entire workgroup and improved content discover through better I/O performance. It is now possible to produce more content in less time across more devices and take advantage of multi-platform delivery of finished content. Using these NetApp products, the team has achieved a highly resilient long-term archive of product materials, finished programs, and applications.


To learn more about how the team achieved these results with NetApp platforms, download the case study.

Ed Cho

Ed Cho is the Principal Architect in designing and managing Enterprise Video Streaming, Multimedia Production, and Audio/Visual infrastructure at NetApp. He is an SME on media workflows, video compression, and video production and broadcast.

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