As a member of the NetApp® IT Customer-1 program, one of my roles is to help our product teams improve the implementation design and architecture of NetApp products.  Recently I collaborated with the NetApp StorageGRID® product team on a technical report describing how to select and implement load balancers for use with StorageGRID.


As stated in the report’s introduction, a StorageGRID webscale deployment consists of multiple Storage Nodes and is frequently deployed across many sites.  The Storage Nodes provide service endpoints for applications and manage the storage, replication, metadata, and so on.  A load balancer is required to create a global namespace across these service endpoints and sites.  Load balancers seamlessly direct clients to an optimal Storage Node so that any node failure, or even an entire site, is transparent.


StorageGRID includes a basic load balancer called the API Gateway Node.  Some applications and use cases require features and customization beyond this load balancer’s capabilities.  In these cases, you can choose a third-party load balancer, either commercial or open source.


The new technical report will help you determine if a load balancer is required based on application requirements like endpoints, workloads, and multi-site deployments.  It provides guidance on whether to use the provided API Gateway Node that comes with StorageGRID or a third-party load balancer.  It also includes recommendations for load-balancer deployments and configurations.


Click here to download this free technical report.


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Yahshanulla Syedshaw

Yash Syedshaw is a Data Center Architect for NetApp IT. He is responsible for managing global data centers which includes Cisco data center technologies such as Nexus Switches, ACI, SAN MDS, and application networking services like F5 LTM and GTM. He previously worked as a senior network security engineer at CA Technologies and a senior network engineer at Cisco Systems.