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SUNNYVALE, Calif.-September 19,2011-Students, faculty, and staff are more tech savvytoday than ever before. They expect to have the latest messagingand collaboration tools and ubiquitous wireless available to them24/7. Despite the critical importance of information systems tohigher education, many colleges and universities such asBaldwin-Wallace College constantly face tighter budgets, forcingadministrators to find ways to do more with limited resources.Focused on providing high-quality, personalized education,Baldwin-Wallace College turned to NetApp to transform thecollege’s IT infrastructure and gain greater flexibility and efficiencywithin the school’s limited budget. According to an assessment byMainstay Partners, an independent consultingfirm, Baldwin-Wallace is on track to realize total benefits ofapproximately $814,000 over three years-a 194% ROI over thatperiod.


Baldwin-Wallace College, a private liberalarts college near Cleveland, Ohio, has 600 full-time employees andan enrollment of approximately 4,300 undergraduate and graduatestudents. In the college’s IT department, a staff of four isresponsible for managing all aspects of the school’s growing IToperations. However, with limited budget and staffing resources,the IT team was constantly challenged with accommodating thegrowing demand for IT services, enabling disaster recovery,reducingcosts, and maximizing data center resources.


Baldwin-Wallace worked with NetApp resellerthe ForquerGroup to virtualize and consolidate its sprawling computing and storageinfrastructure. The college built its new, efficient infrastructurewith NetApp® and VMware virtualization and cloudinfrastructure technology and has virtualized over 92% of itsinfrastructure. By buying up front only the amount of storage theycurrently need, they were able to improve IT and cost efficiencieswhile gaining the necessary flexibility to meet their evolvingneeds.


“It’s a common mantra these days, but wegenuinely have to do more with less in IT,” said Greg Flanik, chiefinformation officer for Baldwin-Wallace College. “With NetApp, weare able to achieve new levels of reliability, flexibility, andscalability, which are on track for a one-year payback and 194%return on investment over the next three years.”


News Highlights


  • By choosing NetApp as its storage foundation, Baldwin-Wallacehas achieved substatial cost savings, including $50,000 in datacenter expansion costs, $45,000 in power and cooling costs, and$42,000 in annual server and storage costs.
  • VMware virtualization has increased application availability to99.95% and has also created a centrally managed environment thatmakes it easier for staff to provision servers and storage.
  • The college gained more than 3.5TB of additional storagecapacity from deduplication, saving an estimated $20,000 peryear.
  • Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 is the college’s largestapplication, supporting more than 1,300 faculty and staff e-mailboxes. With NetApp technologies, the college gained efficiencies ine-mail recovery cycles, reducing the time to restore a singleuser’s mailbox in Exchange Server from hours to less than 15minutes.
  • The college designed a system that allows users to recovercopies of earlier documents and e-mails by using NetApptechnologies. This self-service tool has enabled productivitysavings of nearly $70,000 annually and reduced help desk inquiresby 15 to 20 calls per week.

Supporting Quotes


  • Regina Kunkle, vice president of State and LocalGovernment and Higher Education (SLED), NetApp:
    “Providing high-quality, personalized education isBaldwin-Wallace’s mission, and key to making this happen is theirability to meet growing student, faculty, and staff requirementsfor the latest in technology tools, despite IT budget constraints.With a storagefoundation that’s built on NetApp,they are now able to achieve greater IT and cost efficienciesthrough a shared IT infrastructure and to gain the flexibilityneeded to respond to their evolving IT demands, allowing them tofocus less on technology and more on their business of deliveringhigh-quality education.”
  • Bill Reniff, chief financial officer and vicepresident, Baldwin-Wallace College:
    “With NetApp, we have realized major cost savings on our storageand server infrastructure investments by implementing a morescalable and reliable infrastructure. This has allowed us to freeup budget to invest in technologies that will keep the collegecompetitive in the years ahead. As we continue to expand oureducational programs, our investment in NetApp technologies will beinstrumental in helping us continue to grow.”

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