Customers Gain Greater Flexibility, Choice and Affordability with a New Series of Pre-Validated Design Architectures and Validated Management Solutions from Leading Vendors

SAN JOSE AND SUNNYVALE, Calif. -April 10, 2012 –To help more customers accelerate theirtransition to the cloud,Cisco and NetApp (NASDAQ: NTAP) today announced plans to extend theFlexPod® with a series of new pre-validated designarchitectures priced and sized for smaller workloads. This newFlexPod series is built on a flexible, scalable, shared infrastructurethat combines computing, networking and storage solutions fromCisco and NetApp. Additionally, to simplify and accelerateimplementation of cloud automation capabilities, Cisco and NetApphave also validated several new management solutions from leadingsoftware management vendors for all FlexPod designarchitectures.


Highlights/ Key Facts


Entry-Level FlexPodSolution


  • Offering price and scale that’s sized for business applicationworkloads with 500 to 1000 users, the entry-level FlexPod solutionallows customers to invest only in the infrastructure they requireand allow for simple and rapid scaling to meet growing demands astheir business needs change.
  • Customers gain investment protection with the new entry-levelFlexPod solution, which easily scales to larger enterprises bysimply adding incremental capacity as their needs grow for largerapplication workloads.
  • The entry-level FlexPod for the first time combines theNetApp® entry-level FAS2240 and the Cisco UCS™ C-SeriesCisco Nexus 5000® Switches, Cisco® Nexus 2232 FabricExtender, and Cisco UCS 6200 Series Fabric Interconnects.
  • Similar to other FlexPod pre-validated solutions, this entrylevel FlexPod provides greater flexibility and customer choice,supporting multiple hypervisors and business applications to helpaccelerate deployment of private clouds.
  • Since Cisco and NetApp first announced FlexPod in November2010, it has grown to become an extremely popular convergedinfrastructure platform. FlexPod is available worldwide throughmore than 500 FlexPod partners and more than 850 customers useFlexPod for their data center infrastructure – representing morethan 400% growth in customer adoption in less than a year.

Flexible ManagementOptions


  • Cisco and NetApp offer customers greater flexibility and choicein how they manage their FlexPod solution. Management optionsinclude:



  • Omer Mushahwar, senior associate at Torti Gallas andPartners, Inc.
    “As a global architecture, planning and urban design firm, our ITinfrastructure is a vital foundation in enabling us to create theinnovative residential, commercial, and institutional structuresour clients rely on us for. When we began looking for a solution toreplace a large part of our existing server infrastructure, wesought three things: storage, speed, and virtualization. FlexPodhas freed us not only from aging equipment but a 100% physicalenvironment, which has allowed our infrastructure to take a hugeleap forward. Our FlexPod solution has helped us to prevent theloss of $45,000 per day during power outages, streamline ITmanagement, improve service levels, position the company forgrowth, and empowers us to serve our clients and generate revenuewithout skipping a beat.”
  • Satinder Sethi, vice president, data center solutions,Data Center Group, Cisco
    “As customers balance their need to scale for their future growthwith simplified solutions that can be rapidly deployed, Cisco iscontinuing to work with partners like NetApp to delivercost-effective pre-tested cloud infrastructure solutions to addressthese needs. With NetApp, Cisco is working to increaseopportunities for partners to provide customers with thescalability, flexibility, and manageability of Cisco UCS withNetApp storage to achieve maximum return on investment.”
  • Chris Cummings, vice president, Products and SolutionsMarketing, NetApp
    “Since the initial announcement of FlexPod more than a year ago,the innovative stack approach leveraging best-of-breed technologyhas achieved strong adoption and proven highly successful inenabling partners and customers to simplify their transition to thecloud. With today’s announcement, Cisco and NetApp have evolved theFlexPod architecture to address growing demand and deliver greatervalue to an expanded range of customers.”
  • Gary Green, vice president, Global Strategic Alliances,VMware
    “Our continued collaboration with NetApp and Cisco on the FlexPodarchitecture provides businesses of all sizes with trusted andsimplified data center solutions as they accelerate their journeyto the cloud. By utilizing the VMware cloud infrastructure on thenew entry-level FlexPod solution, organizations are empowered witha greater level of flexibility and efficiency as their businessneeds evolve.”

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Addendum: Partner QuoteSheet
Cisco and NetApp collaborate with many technology partners, channelpartners, value-added resellers, and systems integrators to helpcustomers accelerate their transition to the cloud with FlexPod.Here’s what some of them are saying:


Raju Datla, chief executive officerof Cloupia
“With FlexPod converged Infrastructure and Cloupia UnifiedInfrastructure Controller, our customers gain full control of thedynamic data center, flexibility and scalability in both virtualand physical domains. We continue to experience strong demand forCloupia automation and orchestration support of the Cisco andNetApp FlexPod platform from our customers and partners globally.Our customers are able to manage rapid growth of today’s Dynamicdata centers and are realizing overall TCO reductions and OpExsavings using Cisco and NetApp validated Cloupia UnifiedInfrastructure Controller (CUIC) for the FlexPod.”


Nariman Teymourian, chief executiveofficer of Gale Technologies
“Unified solutions such as FlexPod are gaining rapid acceptance asprivate cloud deployments accelerate, and we are extremely pleasedto be one of the few vendors whose software has been validated byCisco and NetApp for management of the FlexPod data centersolution. Our GaleForce automation software brings ground-breakingsingle-click simplicity to complex provisioning tasks that used totake days to complete. We are pleased to bring our sophisticatedcloud management features now to FlexPod environments.”


Richard Heard, president, InsightInvestments, LLC
“Insight Integrated Systems has a strong and successfulrelationship with NetApp, VMware and Cisco. By leveraging FlexPodtechnology we provide our enterprise customers with highlyspecialized, virtualization, managed services and cloud computingsolutions. The new FlexPod capabilities will enable us to help ourmid-size business customers’ transition to the cloud with a quickand effective way to deploy new IT resources.”


Jed Ayres, senior vice president,Partner Management and Marketing, MCPc
“At MCPc, our clients are looking for solutions to empower theiremployees to work from anywhere and on any device-all in awell-managed, secure environment. As a result we developed theanyplace workspace™ architecture powered by NetApp FlexPod.This validated solution is an end-to-end systems approach thatdelivers the next generation virtual workspace by unifying virtualdesktops, voice and video. FlexPod combines the very best innetworking, computing and storage and has allowed our customers toreduce risk, increase efficiencies and deliver the workspace of thefuture well ahead of their competitors.”


Roger Sels, manager, BusinessDevelopment, Uptime
“The FlexPod solution has turned out to be a classic win-winsituation. We have seen customers across all industries gain newlevels of performance to raise their business momentum. And our ownbusiness has grown as well as the solution supports customersthrough its great cost efficiency, application versatility, andcontribution to business agility. We are looking forwarded to thenew FlexPod offering as it opens new opportunities and marketspaces. In fact, the new entry-level FlexPod is a smart move and weare excited to explore new customers and use cases.”

NetApp Staff