Customers Save More Than Five Exabytes of Data and Move Millions of Dollars from Storage Maintenance to Business Innovation with NetApp

SUNNYVALE, Calif. – April 17, 2012- Organizations are under pressure to accelerate businessresults and rely on IT to help them lower operating costs, driveinnovation, and outpace the competition. These organizationscontinue to invest a significant amount of IT dollars on day-to-dayoperations, hindering their ability to free up resources toimplement strategic initiatives to further business success. Tocope with these challenges, many organizations have turned tostorage efficiency technologies from NetApp (NASDAQ: NTAP) tomaximize their existing investments, reduce costs, and free upresources to invest in projects to drive business growth.


NetApp customers are saving a combined totalof more than five exabytes of storage capacity[1] through the use of NetApp’s leadingefficiency technologies. With these technologies, customers save onaverage $25 billion in storage costs[2]. According to Gartner, Inc., organizationstoday invest 63% of their IT budgets on projects to run theirbusiness, 21% to grow their business and only 16% to transformtheir business[3].Customers rely on NetApp’s game changing efficiency technologies toovercome the challenges of managing explosive data growth andmaximize existing storage investments. The combined strengths ofNetApp’s nine integrated efficiency technologies help customerslower costs, do more with less, and improve their return oninvestment.


The following customers worldwide aremaximizing NetAppĀ® storage efficiency technologies to free upresources for innovation as they implement cloud computing models,virtual desktop integration (VDI), and strategic businessapplications to provide higher service levels to theirorganizations:


Iowa WorkforceDevelopment


  • The Iowa Workforce Development (IWD) decreased costs andcontinued to support the communities they serve to runpublic-facing virtual desktops across the state from a centralizedNetApp storage platform. This innovative approach to deliveringworkforce services has enabled the IWD to provide services to agreater number of communities even though budget cuts forced theelimination of the majority of its physical offices.
  • With a flexible and efficient NetApp storage infrastructure,the agency is now able to deliver more services to Iowa stateresidents and has seen the rate of services the agency providesincrease by an average of 40% per month. NetApp storage efficiencytechnologies such as deduplication and thin provisioning havehelped reduced storage requirements by nearly 50%.

Tuscon Electric Power


  • Tucson Electric Power Company (TEP) managed growing datavolumes resulting from the expansion of its geographicalinformation system with more high-resolution photographs, whichrequired large amounts of storage space. These GIS applications andhigh-resolution images are used throughout the utility enterprisefor inspections, lightning-strike assessment, field forcemanagement, outage visualization, and emergency management. Inaddition, storage demands were being driven by roughly 60 new orupgrade-application projects each year.
  • Over the last six years, TEP’s has saved the organizationapproximately $7.3 million in hardware and labor costs due toexceptional storage efficiencies from NetApp. These savings are nowinvested into innovative new application projects such as arenewable energy program and meter data management.



  • ExamWorks addressed new requirements stemming from acceleratedbusiness growth and achieve greater efficiencies through morestreamlined, centralized storage management, and server and desktopvirtualization strategies.
  • ExamWorks achieved $2 million in IT opex cost avoidance andgained a centralized, efficient and flexible IT infrastructure thateasily accommodates growth.
  • ExamWorks has reduced storage and IT staffing costs with NetAppvirtualization and efficiency technologies. The company hasdecreased storage requirements by 300% with NetApp deduplication onvirtual desktop images.

Scheffknecht Transporte


  • A global hauling and logistics provider, Scheffknecht renewedthe IT infrastructure for three sites and 50 office workplacesfocusing on accelerated data access, stability, and cost saving.NetApp provided unified storage as a central shared data platformfor the virtualized environment, business and industrysolutions.
  • Scheffknecht was able to reduce expenditure for operations,decrease administration time by more than 80%, and save severalthousand Euros on maintenance. The new efficient and flexibleinfrastructure released resources for optimizing business processessuch as electronic accounting or telematics for its truck fleet.Instead of wasting time and money rectifying IT problems,Scheffknecht is now able to generate uninterrupted sales.

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  • Chris Cummings, vice president, Products and SolutionsMarketing at NetApp
    “Today, organizations spend a substantial amount of their budgetjust keeping systems running,” said Chris Cummings, vice president,Products and Solutions Marketing at NetApp. “Efficiency in IT isneeded now more than ever as customers seek new approaches tomanage growing data volumes, reduce costs and improve businessresponsiveness. Our success in helping customers achievesignificant savings with the NetApp portfolio of storage efficiencytechnologies demonstrates our commitment to deliver powerfulinnovations that help our customers succeed.”

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[1] Data from My AutoSupportTM, a Web-based tool,when enabled, offers a comprehensive view into the health,performance, and storage efficiency of any NetApp storagesystem.
[2] Dollar savings basedon NetApp MyAutoSupport data and annual cost per TB based on theGartner report: “IT Key Metrics Data 2012: Key InfrastructureMeasures: Storage Analysis: Current Year,” Jamie K. Guevara, LindaHall, and Eric Stegman, December 15, 2011 report #G00226857
[3] “IT Metrics: ITSpending and Staffing Report, 2012,” by Kurt Potter, Michael Smith,Jim McGittigan, Jamie K. Guevara, Linda Hall, Eric Stegman, January16, 2012

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