NetApp Increases its Support for the SAP Co-Innovation Labs Network, Including New SAP HANA Center of Excellence Switzerland

SUNNYVALE, Calif.-May 15,2012- In today’s highly networked world, innovationrequires collaboration and continuity in order to successfullydrive business. With NetApp (NASDAQ: NTAP) and SAP AG, customersand partners benefit from integrated, end-to-end solutions from theglobal network of SAP® Co-Innovation Labs. As one of the fourfounding sponsors of the first SAP Co-Innovation Lab in Palo Alto,Calif., NetApp delivers both leading-edge solution expertise andthe global storage platform for all SAP Co-Innovation Labs inlocations that include Bangalore, India and Tokyo, Japan. Today,NetApp announced an increased investment to support the SAPCo-Innovation Labs Network, including the new SAP HANA® Centerof Excellence Switzerland in Zurich.


The first SAP Co-Innovation Lab was opened in2007. Since then, SAP has opened a network of labs and facilitiesfeaturing showrooms, engineering facilities, data centers, andproject resources. Its mission is to facilitate project-basedco-innovation between SAP and its partners on global and regionallevels and in a real-world context. Working closely with SAP formore than a decade, NetApp has a leading role in driving datamanagement innovation for customers.


Developments Resulting from Effortsof NetApp and SAP in the SAP Co-Innovation Lab




  • The Cisco® and NetApp® FlexPod® data centersolution is an example of how, through cooperation with SAP, NetApphas transformed innovation into a solution. Started as anexploratory proof of concept called “Lean Cloud ReferenceArchitecture,” NetApp and its partners evolved the concept beyond apure hardware stack and built it on the FlexPod sharedinfrastructure. Through integration with SAP applications,processes, and workflows, the FlexPod solution offers customersgreater value.
  • Working closely with the SAP Co-Innovation Lab and the SAP CTOteam, NetApp and partners enhanced the FlexPod solution bydeveloping SAP solution-specific core services and workflowdescriptions. The innovative use of proven NetApp technologies suchas FlexClone®, Snapshot™, and SnapManager® helpscustomers reduce risk and cost and to accelerate SAP lifecyclemanagement and run SAP landscapes in the cloud. The solution isbased on the pretested FlexPod design architecture by Cisco andNetApp and integrates VMware® cloud infrastructure.
  • Today, customers have a broad choice for FlexPod automation andorchestration that leverage open APIs, including Cisco IntelligentAutomation for Cloud, VMware vCloud Director™, and VMwarevCenter™ Server. The new integration with VMware vCenterOrchestrator provides out-of-the box workflows and enablesadministrators to automate existing manual tasks and executeworkflows.

In-Memory Computing, Including SAPHANA


  • Through involvement in the SAP Co-Innovation Lab and hardwarepartner Cisco, NetApp is a major stakeholder in the new SAP HANACenter of Excellence Switzerland. It is dedicated to SAP HANA,performing proof of concepts, developing customer-specific demoscenarios, and executing development tasks. The lab has the latesthardware and software versions on site, including the SAP ERPapplication, the SAP BusinessObjects™ solution portfolio, andthe SAP NetWeaver® technology platform, all integrated withNetApp data management.

Real-life Disaster-RecoverySimulation Between Tokyo and Osaka


  • A Japanese system integration partner posed a challenge toparticipants in the SAP Co-Innovation Lab: Create an efficientdisaster-recovery concept. Five partners, including NetApp, workedtogether to meet the challenge. One scenario was set up in theTokyo data center of the SAP Co-Innovation Lab, and a temporary onewas set up at the member’s site in Osaka, backed by NetApp businesscontinuity solutions. The scenario was tested successfully, andsoon gained broader interest, because it was simulated shortlybefore the tsunami hit Japan’s coast in March of 2011.

NetApp Contributes to SAPCo-Innovation Labs with High Levels of Efficiency andFlexibility
NetApp solutions provide the storage and data-management backboneof the global network of SAP Co-Innovation Labs, helping to meetthe challenges of limited resources and a global shared-projectinfrastructure. Working concurrently with many partners worldwideinvolves sensitivity to data privacy and security, as well as totimely closing conditions. Projects require different landscapesbased on solutions from both SAP and its partners.


Building on agile NetApp storage anddata-management solutions, as well as leveraging fullvirtualization and cloud capabilities, the SAP Co-Innovation Labnetwork is able to save resources, reduce SAP landscapeprovisioning to hours, and easily support 140 concurrent landscapesworldwide. Customers and partners can concentrate on theirapplication challenges rather than on infrastructure needs.


Supporting Quotes


  • Patrick Rogers, vice president, Data Center Platforms,NetApp
    “For more than a decade, we have been working closely with SAP tocreate innovative solutions for our joint customers. The SAPCo-Innovation Lab concept is highly appealing, because it providesan open framework to build the solutions of tomorrow and makes theresults of co-innovation efforts on solutions such as SAP HANAvisible and tangible to customers and partners worldwide. We areexcited to be part of the ecosystem of partners involved in the SAPCo-Innovation Lab network, as both a storage expert and asupplier.”
  • Dr. Axel Henning Saleck, vice president and head ofGlobal SAP Co-Innovation Lab Network, SAP Research, Technology andInnovation Platform, SAP
    “NetApp is a highly committed partner, driving innovation for jointcustomers. From the launch of the first SAP Co-Innovation Lab,NetApp has been ready to take the next step and share itstechnology and knowledge. NetApp is easy to work with, inspiringand open minded, and has the attitude of getting things done.Customers, resellers, and industry partners clearly benefit fromcore innovation efforts resulting from the labs. Together with ourpartners in the labs, we are accelerating new innovations anddeployments, providing best practices, and shortening time tomarket for our customers.”

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