New Data Protection Technology Restores Up to Eight Times Faster Than Traditional RAID to Help Customers Optimize Overall Performance

SUNNYVALE, Calif.-April 24,2012-The sheer volume of data and information produced bybig data and high-performance applications continues to grow atexplosive rates. How organizations store, manage, analyze, andprotect this data can mean the difference between forging ahead andfalling behind. As a result, the decision an organization makesabout the storage platform or solution that serves as thefoundation for its IT infrastructure is as critical as ever.


NetApp (NASDAQ: NTAP) today announced severalmajor enhancements to its NetApp® E-Series platform to helpits ecosystem of OEM partners more effectively serve theircustomers’ growing big data requirements and also serve as theplatform for many of NetApp’s own big data solutions. The newfeatures, which are available in the latest version of NetAppSANtricity® software, the storage management software for theE-Series platform, include improved data protection, performance,and management capabilities. With the enhanced platform, OEMs havea storage foundation they can build on with confidence to delivertheir own unique and innovative storage solutions to address theircustomers’ high-performance needs and continue to grow their ownbusiness. Furthermore, these enhancements strengthen NetApp’sposition as an innovation leader and expand on the platform’salready industry-leading combination of price, performance, anddensity.


Thanks to the added flexibility these newfeatures deliver, OEMs can also leverage the E-Series platform toaddress other environments, such as virtualized infrastructures andMicrosoft® applications, providing them with the versatilityto serve additional customer segments to help further expand theirbusiness opportunities.


E-Series Platform ProvidesHigh-Performance Storage Building Block


New features in the enhanced E-Seriesplatform include:


  • Dynamic Disk Pools (DDP) is an innovative new technology thatprovides customers with enhanced data protection and improvesoverall performance. DDP administers dynamic reconstructions offailed drives, providing customers with the ability to restore astorage system to optimal conditions following a drive failureeight times faster than with traditional RAID architectures. DDPcan also reduce the impact on the performance customers experiencewhile restoring from a drive failure by nearly 60%. This enhanceddata protection technology enables big data customers to maintainbusiness continuity and reduce overall storage system costs.
  • Additional data protection capabilities are provided byenhanced NetApp SANtricity Snapshot™ technology that enablescustomers to schedule more frequent and flexible Snapshot copies,helping to improve overall recovery point objective (RPO) andrecovery time objective (RTO) performance. The improved RPO and RTOperformance increases data availability and reduces the amount oftime and money an organization needs to allocate to recovervaluable information.
  • VMware® vStorage APIs for Array Integration is nowavailable across the E-Series platform. This provides customerswith tighter integration between the storage array and VMware toolsto help manage their storage environments. The added integrationoffers customers in virtualized environments increased flexibility,more efficient use of server resources, and increased performanceand scalability.
  • Thin-provisioning capabilities enable organizations to enhanceoverall efficiency by increasing storage utilization and reducingadministrative costs.
  • Active-active LUN ownership enables customers to standardizeand simplify system configurations since LUN ownership to eachcontroller does not have to be performed manually. This featurealso balances the load automatically across both controllers, whichhelps optimize performance.

Supporting Quotes


  • Jeff Barber, vice president and business lineexecutive, IBM Mid-Range/Low-End Disk
    “IBM continues to enjoy a successful OEM relationship with NetApp,delivering leading products like the IBM DS3500 for entry-levelstorage, the IBM DCS3700 targeted to high- performance computingcustomers, and the recently announced N3220 and N3240 for the NASmarket. IBM and NetApp are delivering on our mutual roadmap toenhance and grow these OEM-based offerings and continue to servethese markets.”
  • Jose Reinoso, vice president of Storage Engineering,SGI
    “As drive sizes grow, our customers rely on SGI to stay ahead ofthe curve with storage technology to ensure the highest level ofdata integrity. By incorporating NetApp’s DDP as an option into theSGI® InfiniteStorage™ 5500 and 5000 platforms, customersare able to leverage protection and utilization advantages overtraditional RAID architectures, effectively making storage worryfree.”
  • Frank Schmitz, Chief of Supercomputing Department atZIB (Konrad Zuse Center for Information Technology -Berlin,
    “The availability of the ZIB data is of extreme importance for theusers and for us and we have been actively evaluating technologiesto reduce the window of vulnerability that exists due to thelengthening re-build times of ever-increasing disk drivecapacities. We look forward to the Dynamic Disk Pooling technologygiving us the tools to dramatically reduce these re-build times anddeliver the research and results that our scientists depend on. Andthe performance under drive failure afforded by the Dynamic DiskPooling technology is an extra benefit.”
  • Ben Woo, program vice president of Worldwide StorageSystems, IDC
    “The latest enhancements to the NetApp E-Series platform strengthenwhat was already a very successful and powerful storage platformfor OEMs. By incorporating technologies such as Dynamic DiskPooling into the platform, NetApp is providing its OEM partnerswith a foundation they can build on to deliver innovative storagesolutions across many different customer segments while meeting awide variety of use cases and applications.”
  • Joel Reich, vice president of the Array Products Group,NetApp
    “In less than a year the NetApp E-Series platform has experiencedtremendous momentum and adoption among our OEMs, and today’sannouncement will only further strengthen that momentum. The latestenhancements to the E-Series build on what is already anindustry-leading platform and provide innovative technologies thataddress real customer challenges across big data markets. NetApp iscommitted to helping drive our OEM partners’ success, and theNetApp E-Series platform is the high-performance storage buildingblock that makes that possible.”

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