NetApp and Cloudera Partner to Speed Deployment, Simplify Manageability, and Reduce Costs of Enterprise Hadoop Infrastructures

SUNNYVALE, Calif. and PALO ALTO,Calif.-November 7, 2011-Global competition today isgenerating more, bigger, and more complex data than ever before,from point-of-sale data to mobile phone data to scientific andmarket research information. There is an opportunity for enterprisecustomers to exploit new ways to manage and analyze this data tospark innovation, make better decisions, and drive successfuloutcomes that will create a competitive business advantage. ApacheHadoop has emerged to process and analyze large, complex datasetsin distributed computing environments and help businesses improveinsight into their growing data.


NetApp, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTAP) today announced apreconfigured, ready-to-deploy solution called NetApp® OpenSolution for Hadoop that will enable customers to maximize thevalue of their enterprise Hadoop implementations with improvedflexibility and performance and lower total cost of ownership.NetApp and Cloudera, Inc., teamed to distribute Cloudera’sDistribution including Apache Hadoop (CDH) and Cloudera Enterprise,a subscription service comprised of Cloudera Support and Hadoopmanagement software, with NetApp Open Solution for Hadoop to speedenterprise deployment and production use of Apache Hadoop.


NetApp Open Solution for HadoopRemoves Barriers to Analyzing Data


NetApp Open Solution for Hadoop is apackaged, ready-to-deploy modular Hadoop cluster for enterpriseHadoop deployments, with the following features and benefits:


  • Rapid deployment and simple scalability
  • Higher overall cluster performance
  • Reduced costs by providing self-healing technology, hardwareRAID, and global spare drives
  • Lower total cost of ownership

NetApp Open Solution for Hadoop providescustomers with the access and analytics to mine value from theirdata and to extract profit from their big-data assets. Customerscan leverage their existing server and database systems foranalytics on extremely large datasets and maximize the return oninvestment of their data over time. Now customers have a pathway tostart with Hadoop.


“Customers are looking for businessadvantages from the wealth of their unstructured data. Today, it’slike finding a needle in a haystack,” said Rich Clifton, seniorvice president and general manager, NetApp Technology Enablementand Solutions Organization. “NetApp Open Solution for Hadoop willhelp customers get answers fast and process more, as well asprovide the reliability and performance that our customers havecome to expect from NetApp.”


NetApp and Cloudera DeliverBest-in-Class Hadoop Solution
NetApp and Cloudera give organizations an open, nonproprietarysolution that is highly scalable and offers enterprise storagefeatures that improve performance and reduce costs. Joint customerscan leverage Hadoop to accelerate adoption of analytic applicationsthat deliver real-time results across intense data andcomputational workloads. Together, NetApp and Cloudera aredelivering an open solution that enables a best-in-classpartner-based solution stack.


CDH is a major enabler for the enterpriseadoption and production use of Apache Hadoop. Enterprises canmanage the complete operational lifecycle of their Apache Hadoopsystems because CDH facilitates deep visibility into Hadoopclusters. It also automates the ongoing system changes needed tomaintain and improve the quality of operations.


“More applications work on CDH than any otherHadoop distribution, and Cloudera is real-world proven by a broadrange of companies across many verticals. By partnering withNetApp, customers now have more choices and the ability to deployan open Hadoop solution with a leading storage vendor,” said EdAlbanese, head of Business Development for Cloudera. “We’re excitedabout the increasing diversity of architectures that enables Hadoopto be used in more places and deliver greater infrastructureefficiency, predictability, and simplicity.”


“NetApp has a long history of supporting openstandards and giving our customers the flexibility and efficiencythey need to drive results from their data. Our strategy for Hadoopis no different, and we will give customers choice for their Hadoopimplementations, from enterprise-class to open-source Apache Hadoopsolutions,” said Clifton. “Cloudera strengthens ourenterprise-ready NetApp Open Solution for Hadoop, and together wemake deployment of enterprise Hadoop easier, simplify management,and reduce the cost of deployments.”


Visit NetApp and Cloudera at HadoopWorld
To learn more, visit NetApp at Hadoop World, the largest conferenceof Apache Hadoop practitioners, developers, and companies, in booth#2 in the Platinum Sponsor Expo. For a complete agenda,


NetApp Open Solution for HadoopAvailability
The NetApp Open Solution for Hadoop includes both the NetAppE-Series Storage platform and the FAS platform to deliver theperformance and data management capabilities customers require fortheir enterprise Hadoop implementations. NetApp Open Solution forHadoop will be available in December 2011 through NetApp directsales. For more information, visit


About NetApp
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About Cloudera
Cloudera, the leader in Apache Hadoop-based software and services,enables data driven enterprises to easily derive business valuefrom all their structured and unstructured data. Cloudera’sDistribution including Apache Hadoop (CDH) is available to downloadfor free at is the most comprehensive, tested, stable and widely deployeddistribution of Hadoop in commercial and non-commercialenvironments. For the fastest path to reliably using thiscompletely open source technology in production for Big Dataanalytics and answering previously un-addressable big questions,organizations can subscribe to Cloudera Enterprise, comprised ofCloudera Support and a portfolio of software including ClouderaManagement Suite. Cloudera also offers consulting services,training and certification on Apache technologies. As the topcontributor to the Apache open source community and with tens ofthousands of nodes under management across customers in financialservices, government, telecommunications, media, web, advertising,retail, energy, bioinformatics, pharma/healthcare, universityresearch, oil and gas and gaming, Cloudera’s depth of experienceand commitment to sharing expertise are unrivaled.


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