Santa Clara, Calif., May 2, 2012- Gale Technologies, a leading provider of innovativesoftware solutions that power Infrastructure as a Service for thelab, data center, and cloud, announced that the GaleForce TurnkeyCloud has been validated by Cisco and NetApp as a FlexPodmanagement solution. FlexPod is a pretested data center solutionfrom Cisco and NetApp built on a flexible, scalable, sharedinfrastructure. Gale Technologies is a Cloud Management Partner inthe NetApp Alliance Partner Program and a Solution Developer forthe Cisco Developer Network. Cisco and NetApp announced theGaleForce Turnkey Cloud as a FlexPod validated management solutionin their own press release on April 10, 2012.


“Converged Infrastructure solutions such asFlexPod are gaining rapid acceptance as private cloud deploymentsaccelerate. We are extremely pleased to have been validated byCisco and NetApp for management and automation of the FlexPod datacenter solution,” said Nariman Teymourian, chief executive officerof Gale Technologies. “Our GaleForce automation software bringsground-breaking single-click simplicity to complex provisioningtasks in heterogeneous environments. We are pleased to bring oursophisticated cloud management expertise now to FlexPodenvironments.”


Customers will enjoy these benefits with theGaleForceTurnkey Cloud Solution for FlexPod:


  • Rapid single-click provisioning and self-service access speedsdeployment from days and weeks to just minutes, in heterogeneousenvironments containing any hypervisor, compute, networking, orstorage device.
  • Advanced scheduling optimizes resource allocations, for 3-5ximprovements in asset utilization.
  • Service tiers allow right-sized, guaranteed allocation ofresources to workloads with capacity leveling.
  • Unified management of entire compute, network, and storageinfrastructure speeds initial deployment and reduces ongoingoperation, training, and other overhead.
  • Extensible plug-in automation enables integration beyond theFlexPod stack, for automation of legacy and heterogeneousenvironments, and integration of external networking, access, andsecurity provisioning.

Features of our market leading GaleForceTurnkey Solution include:


  • Automation – Fully automated provisioning ofend-to-end FlexPod physical and virtual infrastructure.
  • Orchestration – Pre-built andcustom-orchestrated workflows for fine-grained control ofprovisioning methods and policies, for both setup andtear-down.
  • Scheduling – Advanced scheduling andreservation system for highly efficient allocation of resources andguaranteed resource commitments.
  • Service Tiering – Allows the IT architect topre-define and offer distinct service levels based on pre-definedNetApp OnCommand storage provisioning and protection policies, andequivalent service level policies for the Cisco UCS and Nexuscomponents.
  • Capacity Management – Unified management ofboth physical and virtual resources, along with capacity-basedscheduling capabilities, provides optimized resource allocation andensures high asset utilization.
  • Self-Service Web Portal – Users can select,view, schedule, and reserve published service templates forphysical resources, virtual machines, or applications, withsingle-click ease.
  • Single Pane of Management – A single interfacefor end-to-end provisioning and configuration of one or moreFlexPods with the existing heterogeneous customerinfrastructure.
  • Support for Multiple Hypervisors – Support forVMware, Xen, and KVM out of the box , enabling customer choice ofvirtualized workloads to run on FlexPod Environments.

Pricing andAvailability:
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Gale Technologies will be presenting the GaleForce Turnkey Cloud inthe NetApp booth theater at Cisco Live, June 10-14 in San DiegoCalifornia. Gale will also be participating in the NetApp PartnerAcademy road show training event occurring during summer 2012 incities across North America.


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