New Technical Report from NetApp and GridIron Outlines How Customers Can Increase Application Performance with NetApp Storage and GridIron TurboCharger

Sunnyvale, CA, March 27, 2012- GridIron® Systems, a pioneer in Big Dataacceleration, today announced its TurboCharger™ SANacceleration appliance has been certified as interoperable withNetApp® unified storage solutions. Customers running highperformance databases for applications such as Online TransactionProcessing (OLTP) and Decision Support Systems (DSS) now have aproven, cost-effective option for accelerating applicationperformance and supporting more concurrent users and applications.Rigorous lab testing and customer deployments have proven thatinstalling the TurboCharger accelerator in front of NetAppenterprise storage arrays can deliver immediate performance gains,minimize disruption to operations, and reduce complexity.


The GridIron TurboCharger is a SAN-attachedappliance that is installed into the storage network betweenservers and storage without any disruption to provide ahigh-performance access layer to the storage infrastructure. Itsignificantly boosts the performance of applications and databaseswith no changes to existing servers, storage, applications orprocesses. The TurboCharger uses Set-Ranking™ analytics tocontinuously profile the data access behavior of applications inorder to identify performance-impacting data at any given time.Using proprietary hardware, it moves this important data, in realtime, to high-performance DRAM and Flash on the appliance todeliver the data to applications up to 100X faster.


NetApp and GridIron have published atechnical report titled “IncreaseApplication Performance by Using NetApp Storage Controllers andGridIron TurboCharger Data Accelerator Appliance” thatdescribes the benefits of using a GridIron TurboCharger with NetAppunified storage systems, based on its evaluation of performance andstability in OLTP and DSS workloads on an Oracle® 11gR2database. As a result of the evaluation, NetApp found thatinstalling TurboCharger was simple and straightforward, andpreserved the high availability configuration of the environment.By comparing the test environment with and without TurboCharger,NetApp verified that installing TurboCharger allowed twice as manyusers to access the OLTP database concurrently while maintainingdatabase response times. In DSS testing, TurboCharger reduced querycompletion time by 50%. The storage system read load was reduced by99%, enabling the storage controller to handle additional load fromapplications/users.


NetApp offers a range of high performanceenterprise storage systems that utilize Flash to reduce responsetimes. Adding TurboCharger in front of the storage controllercomplements those solutions by offloading Input/Output operations,extending the scale-up range of the system. The NetApp-GridIroncombination creates a very affordable solution alternative fordatabase users who require high performance to process queriesfaster and support concurrent users. This collaboration helpscustomers analyze extremely large, data-intensive workloads withboundless and secure storage for better decision-making andbusiness advantage.


The NetApp technical report is availableonline at


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GridIron Systems is a Big Data Acceleration company based inSunnyvale, California. Formed by a team of networking, storage andSAN innovators, it has focused on bringing the benefits of newtechnologies like solid state disk to improve data centerperformance and costs with the LEAST amount of operationaldisruption. GridIron has 24 patents pending in areas related to bigdata storage, access-behavior analysis and management. GridIronoffers the most comprehensive solutions to speed up multi-terabytedatabases including clustered and virtualized environments at afraction of the cost of alternatives. Additional information isavailable at GridIron on Twitter: @gridironsystems and blog:


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