Midsize Businesses with Growing Business Demands, Limited Resources and Unprecedented Data Growth Turn to NetApp

New Entry Portfolio Priced and Packaged for Midsize Businesses and Channel Delivers Three Times the Performance and Simplicity, Greater Value, and Industry-Leading Efficiency

SUNNYVALE, Calif. – November 8, 2011- Midsizebusinesses are under tremendous pressure to keep pace withgrowing business demands and to do more with fewer resources. Manyof these businesses have turned to virtualization to improve costsavings, modernize their applications, and consolidate their ITinfrastructure to gain a competitive advantage. As data volumescontinue to expand at explosive rates and demands on the businesscontinue to expand beyond IT budgets, the decisions these companiesmake now about their IT infrastructure are foundational to theirbusiness success today and in the future.


NetApp (NASDAQ: NTAP) today announced that ithas strengthened its entry product and solutions portfolio formidsize businesses to deliver greater value to both customers andpartners. The new NetApp®FAS2000 entry product line delivers improved value, simplicity,performance, and scalability to enable customers to start right andgrow with the needs of their businesses.


“Midsize businesses are facing uniquechallenges as a result of increasing business demands and the needto do more with fewer resources,” said Tom Georgens, president andchief executive officer, NetApp. “We understand that customersshould not be forced to make a tradeoff between affordability and’good enough’ technology. With solutions that are priced andpackaged to address this growing market, NetApp is uniquelypositioned to help our customers succeed and build a solidfoundation that can expand and adapt as their business andpriorities change.”


Enhanced Midsize Business PortfolioDelivers Value, Performance, Simplicity and Efficiency


  • Performance and Scalability: NetApp’s powerfulnew FAS2240, thelatest offering in NetApp’s entry FAS2000 series, delivers two tothree times performance improvement and greater flexibility,allowing customers to maximize storage investments, supportdemanding workloads, and add enhanced capabilities as needed astheir business needs change.
  • Simplicity: NetApp OnCommand™ SystemManager 2.0 is designed specifically for the IT generalist tosimplify, control, and automate both setup and ongoing managementof NetApp storage. This simple and easy-to-use management tool isprovided with the purchase of these systems to help customersimprove their storage and service efficiency, boost productivity,and reduce the impact of storage management on limited ITresources.
  • NetApp Data ONTAP®: The FAS2000 seriesruns the latest version of the Data ONTAP operating system toprovide customers with a unified, scalable platform that supportsmultiple workloads and delivers the flexibility to meet theirgrowing business requirements.
  • Unified, Scalable Architecture: NetApp offersa truly unified, scalable architecture that enables customers toeasily and affordably upgrade to higher-end systems and newcapabilities without the need for forklift upgrades. NetApp’sinnovative unified platform is currently unmatched in the industryand helps customers to meet current and future requirements forarchitecting scalable, efficient, and flexibleinfrastructures.
  • Industry-Leading Efficiency: With NetApp,midsize customers benefit from the industry-leading efficienciesfor which NetApp is widely known in the industry. While otherstorage vendors offer only one or two storage efficiencytechnologies, NetApp offers nine integrated technologies, whichhave helped customers save $11 billion and more than 4.6 exabytesof storage[3] intotal.

Proven History of Success withMidsize Businesses


  • NetApp brings an established track record of success in themidsize business segment, and more than 10,000 midsize businessesturn to NetApp each year for their storage needs.
  • The company is widely recognized in the industry by notablethird parties and has been declared a top vendor in numerouscategories for delivering outstanding customer value, innovativetechnology, and product quality.
  • Storage Magazine[1]ranked NetApp the number one solution for virtualized environments,and the company also earned the publication’s top spot in theQuality Award survey for midrange systems.
  • TheInfoPro[2], basedon their unique methodology of one-on-one interviews with storageprofessionals, identifies NetApp as the lead vendor in use bymidsize enterprises for optimization technologies including SolidState Cache and Online Data Reduction/Deduplication.
  • According to Forrester Research Inc.’s Market Overview: Midrange Storage, Q32011report issued August 29, 2011, “NetApp provides the leadingunified solution. It continues to expand its portfolio and growwithin the market.”

Industry-Leading NetApp PartnerProgram Is Critical to Fueling Midsize CustomerSuccess


  • NetApp’s strategy to leverage diverse pathways for growth hasplayed an important role in furthering the company’s impressivesuccess in the midsize business segment.
  • A key component of this strategy is NetApp’s commitment to itsvast ecosystem of channel partners, who serve as trusted advisorsto the midsize business segment and give NetApp a critical pathwayto these customers.
  • NetApp’s enhanced product portfolio, pricing, and packagingoptions optimized for midsize businesses, enable NetApp partners tooffer the best technologies and solutions to grow their ownbusinesses, increase profits, and help their customerssucceed.
  • In fact, the Maia Strategy Group recently conducted a survey ofchannel resellers worldwide who are part of the NetApp PartnerProgram and who also partner with other storage vendors. Accordingto the analysis:
    • The partners surveyed align with NetApp because of the strongvalue proposition that NetApp’s technology offers midsize businesscustomers.
    • These partners view NetApp as having superior technology forthe midsize market when compared to other vendors.
    • The study revealed that partners view NetApp products as highlycompetitive for the middle and upper end of the midsize businessmarket, citing flexibility and adaptability across a range ofsystems as key advantages for NetApp solutions.

Supporting Quotes


  • Brian Babineau, vice president, Enterprise StrategyGroup
    “In today’s challenging economic environment, it is very easy tofocus on making IT buying decisions based on acquisition cost.Unfortunately, far too many midsize businesses realize thatoperational expenses involving system tuning, applicationintegration, and solution availability can quickly outpace aninitial investment. We consistently advise these organizations toconsider IT infrastructure offerings that can support a variety ofworkloads allowing limited resources to achieve managementeconomies of scale.”
  • Chelo Picardal, chief technology officer, City ofBellevue
    “As a growing, thriving metropolis with 35% annual data growth andlimited resources, the City of Bellevue is constantly striving todo more with less and make the most of its IT investments. OurNetApp storage solution has enabled us to meet expanding businessdemands amid budget reductions. With NetApp we have gainedoutstanding performance, scalability, and efficiency, resulting inbetter services to our customers-the city departments that serveour growing population of more than 122,000 residents.”
  • Tim Torres, vice president, Technical Operations,Merced Systems
    “Our IT staff is comprised of a very small team of IT generalistssupporting multiple functions across the organization. As ourbusiness continues to grow, ease of use, reliability, andautomation are all key criteria that we look at as we evaluate anytechnologies we deploy. NetApp has met all of those requirementsand delivered powerful capabilities, scalability, and flexibilityto help us control costs, maximize our investment, and yield thehighest payback.”
  • Ken Danila, IT operations manager, VHB
    “At VHB, our primary focus is on helping our customers solve thenation’s most complex transportation, land development andenvironmental infrastructure and development challenges. NetApp’sstorage solutions are central to connecting the two most vitalassets for the success of our business: our people and our data.Choosing NetApp is one of the smartest decisions I have made atVHB, and they have done a great job of addressing the midsizemarket with an enterprise-class solution that is simple, scalable,and offered at an attractive price point.”
  • Julie Parrish, senior vice president of Global PartnerSales, NetApp
    “NetApp’s history of success in the midsize business market can beattributed to our strong and enduring partnerships. With today’sannouncement, NetApp is combining powerful solutions for midsizebusinesses with the best partner program in the industry to createcompelling opportunities for continued partner success now and intothe future.”

Availability andPricing
As part of today’s announcement, NetApp is offering new lowerpricing options for both the FAS2040 and FAS2240 to deliver greatervalue and long-term savings, allowing customers to grow theirbusiness without outgrowing their storage investments. The NetAppFAS2000 series systems start at under $7,500 and can be orderedtoday through NetApp’s worldwide network of value-added authorizedresellers, distributors, and systems integrators. For moreinformation, visit www.netapp.com/us/how-to-buy.


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Addendum: Customer and Partner QuoteSheet
NetApp works with many technology partners, channel partners,value-added resellers, and systems integrators to deliver scalable,efficient, and innovative solutions that help midsize businessesstart right and grow with the needs of their businesses. Here’swhat some of them are saying:


  • Norbert E. Kopp, ABO-Storage Distribution, AG,Switzerland
    “More and more companies identify storage as a strategic assetdedicated to future growth. They look for a solution that protectstheir investment, delivers a fast ROI and is easy to deploy andmanage. NetApp’s new unified storage offering, the FAS2240 offers asimple and smart product, that especially small and midsizecompanies value, as it offers them a flexible and powerful productdesigned for storing data efficiently while reducing managementcosts.”
  • Christian Jandl, CIO, ALPEN-MAYKESTAG
    “The more business processes and servers a virtualized environmentcontains, the more important is the quality of the ITinfrastructure and the right partners. Recognized for its highquality precision and high performance tools, ALPEN-MAYKESTAGstrives to reflect that claim also in IT. Together with NetApp weare doing very well. The FAS2000 platform just runs smoothly, andNetApp’s software portfolio provides us with highly efficientfunctions that accelerate and protect our processes, whileproviding us with the headroom to meet new requirements.”
  • Paul Sweeney, Managing Director, ANSGroup
    “Customers know that just buying storage is not the point today.They look for smart solutions that are easy to handle, help themgrow and offer rich functionality at a sound price. NetApp’s newFAS2240 is a perfect match for these requirements. Its innovativeunified architecture and advanced storage efficiency build theground for a completely new IT infrastructure set for higherflexibility and less management costs. Its dynamic scalability addsto the flexibility a company needs at any time.”
  • Jean-Philippe Bosseur, Global IT Director, Arthur D.Little
    “Innovative management matters in both business and IT. Today, ourshared infrastructure is our foundation to act faster and meet anybusiness requirement. Also in terms of cost savings, the investmentin NetApp has paid off. Combining the space savings gained alongwith the reduction in staff, we have achieved an ROI in under ayear.”
  • William Chu, President, Avnet Technology Solutions,Asia Pacific
    “The collaboration between Avnet and NetApp has proven success bothglobally and regionally. With the uncertainty in global growth andthe economy, customers have constant changing demands and arelooking for improved value, scalability and simplicity in storagesolutions. The features offered in NetApp’s new models target tomidsize businesses fit nicely into these growing market segments.Avnet and NetApp will continue to invest and strengthen our channelpartners’ ecosystems to offer value-added solutions to our partnersand their customers to tap on these growing markets together.”
  • Greg Flanik, Chief Information Officer, Baldwin-WallaceCollege
    “With NetApp, we have achieved amazing results and have lowered ourIT costs by 45%. The affordability and efficiencies we gained withour NetApp storage system resulted in major cost savings and apayback on our investment in the first 12 months. In a midsizeenvironment where people need to be multifaceted, the simplicity iskey in enabling our team of IT generalists to manage our NetAppstorage infrastructure and free up valuable time and expertise tofocus on the business.”
  • Alexander Freudenberg, Product Manager, BechtleLogistik & Service GmbH
    “We really appreciate that NetApp provides customers with productinnovation and simplicity. The new FAS2240 is clearly positioned toaccelerate the move of midsize companies to a unified architectureas a solid and scalable foundation for their IT helping them to gofurther, faster.”
  • WANG Chao, Vice President, BeijingCo-Funding
    “The NetApp FAS2240 enhances the overall level of NetApp entryproducts by providing higher performance to support greatercapacity. It can fully meet the growing storage and performanceneeds of SMEs nowadays. It is a cost-effective product because ofits price and software structure which enables end-users ofdomestic small and medium enterprises to use the world’s topstorage brand and gain the benefits of NetApp unified storage. Itcan be converted to the disk frame design, making it easier toupgrade, protecting customers’ investments. From perspective of apartner, the FAS2240 makes it easier to convince customers toaccept NetApp’s products since it has a greater advantage overother brands, and will surely promote the performance growth of BCFand NetApp.”
  • Satinder Sethi, Director for Server, Access, andVirtualization Technology Group at Cisco
    “As midsize customers balance their need to scale for their futuregrowth with simplified solutions that can be rapidly deployed,Cisco is working with NetApp and other partners to delivercost-effective pre-tested cloud infrastructure solutions to addressthese needs. With NetApp, Cisco is working to combine thescalability, flexibility, and manageability of Cisco UCS withNetApp storage to achieve maximum return on investment, whileeliminating the need for costly forklift upgrades.”
  • Suzanne Gallagher, Senior Vice President, Marketing,Datalink
    “Midsize businesses don’t want to compromise when it comes tostorage solution performance, efficiency, and scalability. NetApp’snew FAS2000 product line delivers on all fronts, including anaffordable price. The FAS2000 line fits the needs of midsizecompanies focused on doing more with less and doesn’t require themto compromise.”
  • Sanjiv Khushu CEO and Director, E Micro DataTechnologies Pvt Ltd.
    The midmarket in India is an emerging segment whose unique needsdemand a specialist approach from technology vendors as well aspartners. NetApp’s storage solutions help address the need forenterprise-class functionalities at lower investments, while at thesame time providing the flexibility and seamless scalability thatwill help customers’ IT keep pace with rapid business growth. As apartner I believe this solution will help us drive greater valuefor customers in this segment, in turn offering us a strongbusiness opportunity.
  • Riccardo Maiarelli, CEO, ICOS
    “With the new NetApp FAS2000 entry product line, NetApp deliversthe ideal storage solutions for our customers in the midsizemarket. It offers customers a truly unified approach at acompelling price point helping them build a flexible and securestorage infrastructure while reducing management costs. Thanks toNetApp’s proven software functionality, customers choosing the newlow-end are well positioned for future growth while protectingtheir investment.”
  • Bob Kelly, Corporate Vice President, Server and ToolsBusiness, Microsoft Corp.
    “Microsoft and NetApp have collaborated for more than a decade andbring a proven track record of delivering innovative jointsolutions that leverage key technologies from both organizations,allowing customers to achieve greater efficiency, flexibility, andbusiness value. Working together, both NetApp and Microsoft arehelping customers reduce costs, increase reliability, simplifymanagement, and respond quickly to changing business needs throughthe deep integration of our server, virtualization, management andstorage technologies.”
  • Felix Losan, IT Director, Pierre Lang EuropeHandelsgesellschaft mbH
    “NetApp unified storage ideally supports our business model andmeets the requirements of a midsized enterprise such as ours. Ashort learning curve for the system management allowed us todevelop, test, and realize our ideas rapidly.”
  • Johan Milbrink, Data Center Practice Manager,Presidio
    “We are very excited about the launch of NetApp’s new FAS2000product line. Every day, Presidio helps clients leverage advancedIT solutions to achieve breakthrough gains in business performance.Our midsize clients in particular demand proven solutions thatsupport their aggressive growth goals and yield efficiencies intheir IT organization. Just like larger, enterprise organizations,our midsize clients face increasingly complex storage challengesand are under tremendous pressure to do more with less. The newFAS2000 product line provides an attractive option for clientslooking for a scalable storage solution that is value-priced andeasy to deploy. It will no doubt be a big winner in themarketplace.”
  • Yeouido, Sung-Sik Lee, Team Leader, Information SupportTeam, St. Mary’s Hospital
    “St. Mary’s Hospital built a NetApp solution three years ago as itsPACS backup system and has achieved great success. For ourvirtualization project, we dramatically reduced our storage costs,one of the biggest costs in desktop virtualization, using NetAppstorage. Since NetApp supports both SAN and NAS from one storagesystem, we are able to achieve greater flexibility in a virtualizedenvironment. In advance, synergy effect is expected because of itsoptimization in VMware environments.”
  • David Hekimian, CTO, Trace3
    “At Trace3, our customers are always asking us to not only listento their business challenges, but to help deliver IT solutions thatmatch their business needs. NetApp’s updates to the FAS2000 productline help Trace3 deliver powerful and efficient technologysolutions that fit the varying needs of our customers’ businesstoday and into the future.”
  • Gary Green, Vice President, Global Strategic Alliances,VMware
    “In today’s economy, midsize companies require solutions that willallow them to do more with limited resources, respond faster togrowing business demands and achieve greater IT efficiency. NetAppand VMware address these key requirements by providing acost-effective and flexible joint solution optimized to takeadvantage of the full benefit of virtualization with greater costsavings, higher availability, scalability and data protection.Working together, NetApp and VMware provide a tightly integratedsolution to help customers start right and grow smart with anefficient infrastructure to handle future growth.”

[1]Storage Magazine, “Quality Awards Survey forMidrange Systems,” September 2011, and “Quality Awards: EnterpriseStorage,” March 2011
[2]TheInfoPro (a divisionof The 451 Group), “TheInfoPro Storage Study Technology RoadmapReport, Wave 15 – 1H2011”
[3]Data from MyAutoSupport, a Web-based tool that offers a comprehensive view intothe health, performance, and storage efficiency of any NetAppstorage system

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