E5400 Validated for Support of Lustre File System, Adds New Enhancements

SUNNYVALE, Calif.-June 20,2011-High-performance computing (HPC) applications putincredible stress on an organization’s IT infrastructure as aresult of the extreme amount of data and information that must bestored, managed, and processed. Addressing this challenge is noeasy task and requires a storage solution that can deliver theperformance, bulletproof reliability, and efficiency necessary toenable customers to succeed in today’s hypercompetitive businessenvironment.


In May, NetApp unveiled theNetApp® E5400 storage system, which is available to OEMsas part of the E-Series Platform, to help customers manage themassive amount of data resulting from big-bandwidth andhigh-performance applications. To help meet the growing needs ofcustomers in high-performance environments, NetApp (NASDAQ: NTAP)today announced that the E5400 has been benchmarked for use withthe Lustre file system, an open-sourced high-performance filesystem used by the majority of organizations on the Supercomputer500 list.


E5400 Benchmarked for Use in LeadingHigh-Performance Environments
Together with Whamcloud, NetApp recently benchmarked the E5400 withthe Lustre file system on the Lawrence Livermore Hyperion test bed.In a 4U storage system, Whamcloud achieved 5GB/s for readperformance and 3.5GB/s for write performance with the E5400. Thiscombination enables customers with a 40U rack to achieve up to50GB/s in read performance per rack. This benchmark, along withNetApp and Whamcloud’s ability to provide Lustre support, providescustomers deploying configurations based on the E5400 with theability to advance their Lustre storage environments in real-worldapplications.


“Teaming with NetApp to provide expandedsupport options for Lustre environments gives a distinct advantageto our HPC customers,” said Brent Gorda, CEO, Whamcloud. “We’reextremely excited with the benchmarking of the E5400 with Lustre inthe Lawrence Livermore Hyperion test bed. Lustre is gaining inimportance within the HPC community, and working closely withNetApp allows our two companies to deliver outstanding supportservices, ensuring that customers get the most out of their Lustreenvironments.”


New Solution Details


  • The E5400 enhances its modular flexibility with support forthree drive enclosures (4U 60 drive, 2U 24 drive, 2U 12 drive),multiple drive technologies (SSD, 15K SAS, 10K SAS, NL-SAS), andscalability to 600 drives per 40U. These new features enablecustomers to optimize for capacity and performance requirements,resulting in improved overall productivity while helping to keepcosts down and increase overall efficiencies.
  • With a new 40Gb InfiniBand interface option, the E5400 canseamlessly integrate into IB infrastructures and provide ultimateflexibility for any high-performance storage networkingrequirements.
  • Architected to provide the highest levels of reliability andavailability, the E5400 enables continuous data delivery to helpcustomers improve computational efficiencies.

E5400 Foundational for OEM HPCStorage Solution
Bull, a global OEM provider based in Europe, is the first NetAppOEM partner to build and deploy an HPC storage solution on theE5400 and have it in customer production with CEA, a Frenchgovernment-funded technological research organization. AdditionalHPC storage solutions from NetApp OEM partners built on the E5400are planned and will enable OEMs to expand their market reach andincrease the number of customers who can take advantage ofsolutions based on the E5400.


“High-performance computing applications arethe backbone of our ability to conduct scientific research thatrequires us to manage and process immense amounts of data andinformation in real time,” said Jacques-Charles Lafoucriere,Department Leader, CEA. “NetApp technology provides us with theability to meet our increasing data demands with zero downtime,allowing us to focus our efforts on our research.”


“We are thrilled to be working with NetApp,and the E5400 is evidence of NetApp’s commitment to working closelywith its OEM partners to deliver the storage platform andtechnology needed in today’s demanding HPC environments,” saidPascal Barbolosi, vice president, Extreme Computing, Bull. “We lookforward to building on our partnership and collaborating to deliverthe most comprehensive and powerful range of Extreme Computingsolutions to the market.”


“Less than two months ago, we pledged ourcommitment to delivering the product and technology innovationnecessary to help fuel our OEM partners’ success by addressing thegrowing customer requirements around big-bandwidth andhigh-performance applications,” said Rick Scurfield, vice presidentand general manager of NetApp’s OEM business. “Today’s announcementis undeniable proof that NetApp is serious about serving the HPCmarket and is just the beginning of what will be many other OEMsolutions built on the NetApp E-Series Platform.”


A demonstration of the NetApp E5400 storagesystem will be available in Booth #743 at the InternationalSupercomputing 2011 Conference taking place June 20-23 in Hamburg,Germany.


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