Cloud Technology Is Fundamental to America’s Continued Growth and Success; Many Government Organizations Already Leveraging NetApp as Foundation for the Cloud

SUNNYVALE, Calif.-July 27th,2011-The pathway to the cloud for the U.S. government iscritical to America’s continued growth and ability to provide newopportunities for government organizations, businesses, andcitizens alike. Earlier this week, Greg Gardner, NetApp’s chiefarchitect for government solutions, joined a select group ofexperts from the commercial and public sectors to deliver thehighly anticipated report from the Commission on the LeadershipOpportunity in U.S. Deployment of the Cloud (CLOUD2). The report,which was organized by the TechAmerica Foundation, providesdetailed recommendations to help the U.S. government adopt cloudcomputing technologies and take the necessary policy steps to keepthe U.S. at the forefront of innovation to foster economic growthand enable America to remain competitive within today’s globaleconomy. The CLOUD2 Commission was created in an effort to furtherthe Obama Administrations’ Cloud First Policy.


“The CLOUD2 report helps government policymakers clarify what cloud computing is and how it can best beleveraged for both public and private sector value. The reportprovides very finite and prescriptive recommendations,” saidGardner. “It addresses the ubiquity of a cloud computing solution,the value of moving to the cloud, the fact that cloud computing isnot for everyone, and specific security concerns. Continuedinnovation and leadership from IT vendors like NetApp are criticalto accelerating cloud adoption at all levels of government andenable our country to take full advantage of the efficiencies andbenefits cloud technology provides.”


NetApp (NASDAQ: NTAP) today is already at theforefront of the government’s transition to the cloud and isconsidered an innovation leader within the IT sector. Manygovernment organizations have turned to NetApp to help them makethe transition to a flexible and efficient shared ITinfrastructure, which is the foundation for cloud computing.Furthermore, Forbes magazine recently named NetApp one of the world’s most innovative companies, andNetApp was the only major storage vendor to make the list. Throughits leadership and experience in the federal space and partnershipswith leading global service providers and federal systemintegrators, NetApp is ideally positioned to help simplify thetransition and enable the government to more quickly andeffectively take advantage of cloud technology.


“Cloud computing represents a tremendousopportunity for the federal government to ensure that Americaremains a global innovation leader,” said Mark Weber, president,NetApp U. S. Public Sector. “NetApp is in lockstep with therecommendations set forth in the report. We are committed tocontinuing to work with the U.S. government to provide thetechnology, solutions, services, and education to remain a trustedadvisor to enable the government to transition to the cloud withconfidence.”


Key recommendations and highlightsfrom the report include:


  • CLOUD2 recommends that industry and government leaders providelong-term security and assurance frameworks.
    • NetApp has developed the industry’s first secure multi-tenantsolution that is integrated, validated, and tested in collaborationwith best-in-class partners Cisco and VMware. The solution enablesgovernment organizations to host multiple tenants on a sharedinfrastructure and dynamically scale up or down to meet changingdemand, all while keeping information secure and isolated. Thissolution has already been integrated into the Lockheed Martin BlackCloud™ solution, which was madepublicly available to government organizations in June 2011.
    • NetApp partners with best-in-class service providers who focus on the most stringentsecurity and data protection needs of the U.S. government.
    • NetApp also helps government organizations protect against dataloss with enterprise-class data protection and high-availabilitytechnologies.
  • CLOUD2 recommends that industry and government organizationsembrace the modernization of broadband infrastructure and thecurrent move to IPv6.
    • In 2010, NetApp was thefirst storage vendor to declare conformity with the hostprofile for U.S. government acquisition of Internet Protocolversion 6 (USGv6). IPv6 enables computers to more effectivelycommunicate with one another via the Internet, which is fundamentalto a successful cloud environment. By becoming the first storagevendor to declare conformity with the profile and incorporate thetechnology into subsequent products and solutions, NetApp continuesto demonstrate leadership and commitment to enabling governmentcloud adoption.
  • CLOUD2 recommends that cloud service providers publiclydisclose information about relevant operational aspects of theirservices, including performance, security, interoperability, andreliability.
    • NetApp supports and provides the storage foundation for itsglobal service provider partners who build cloud services based onbest-in-class technologies and standards, providing governmentorganizations with industry-leading and reliable cloud technologiesand services. NetApp does not endorse proprietary cloud services asmany of its competitors do.
  • CLOUD2 recommends that government and industry IT personnelprovide education and training on technical, business, and policyissues around acquisition, deployment, and operation of cloudservices.
    • NetApp University provides curricula, learning resources, andcertification credentials that quickly and effectively prepare endusers to administer the most innovative and advanced cloud productsand solutions. In fact, NetApp University provides courses inenabling storage virtualization, a necessary first step in makingthe transition to the cloud, for both military personnel andgovernment civilians at the U.S. Army’s School of InformationTechnology at Fort Gordon, Georgia.
    • The NetApp Academic Alliances Program helps universities andcolleges develop courses and curricula to address the future of IT,including cloud computing and virtualization, to enable a futuregeneration of cloud experts.

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