NetApp World-Record Benchmark Result Shows 35% Performance Increase with Less Than Half the Infrastructure

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SUNNYVALE, Calif.-November 2, 2011-NetApp (NASDAQ: NTAP) today announced six high-performingSPECsfs2008 NFS benchmark results, including a world record,further validating that NetApp customers don’t need to compromiseefficiency and flexibility to achieve high performance. The speedof business has changed, and companies are required to be moreagile than ever before, while keeping costs down. Innovative andvalue-conscious companies need to look at NetApp first for theirhigh-performance storage needs.


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  • SPEC, the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation, is anindependent nonprofit that was formed to establish, maintain, andendorse a broad set of standardized benchmarks. SPECsfs2008measures file server throughput and response time.
  • NetApp conducted the SPECsfs2008 benchmarks on the NetApp®FAS6200 series, running on the Data ONTAP 8® operating system.These systems can be combined in a single unified cluster thatenables customers to scale with data in place as their businessgrows.
  • The six new SPECsfs2008_nfs.v3 benchmark results demonstratethe leading NAS performance, linear scalability, and efficiencythat NetApp storage solutions deliver to customers:
    • Performance. NetApp scalable storagearchitecture achieves world-record NFS performance for demandingNAS workloads with 1,512,784 ops per second and an overall responsetime of 1.53ms.
    • Scalability. NetApp linear scalability enablescompanies to start with solutions sized for their current storagerequirements and massively scale to meet future demands. As nodesare nondisruptively added to the NetApp cluster, performanceincreases linearly and the system continues to provide the samefast response time. This highlights the future-ready scalabilityand flexibility of the NetApp clustered infrastructure running DataONTAP 8, proven by the six new benchmark results with 4-, 8-, 12-,16-, 20-, and 24-node clusters.
    • Efficiency. NetApp’s best-in-class efficiency,as compared to the public information related to the competitiveproduct with the next highest SPECsfs2008 NFS result, ishighlighted in the NetApp 24-node benchmark, which used 50% fewerdisk drives and 80% fewer controller nodes while delivering 35%higher performance and 40% faster response time.

Supporting Quotes
Chris Cummings, vice president of Product and SolutionsMarketing, NetApp
“Companies today require IT thathelps grow their business by providing support for enterprisebusiness applications, big data, and cloud computing. These SPECbenchmark results validate that NetApp can provide companies with ahigh-performance storage infrastructure for their demandingbusiness-critical workloads that require always-on availability.Additionally, NetApp delivers on-demand flexibility to start with asmall storage solution and easily, nondisruptively scale as theirdemand grows.”


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