State and Local Governments Turn to NetApp to Drive Down Costs and Drive Up Service Levels

Sunnyvale, Calif.-September 14,2011-Sacramento County, home to nearly 1.4 millionresidents and the state’s capital, is a recognized leader inleveraging information technology to deliver citizen services. TheSacramento County Office of Communications & InformationTechnology (OCIT) is the centralized IT and telecommunicationsservice provider, enabling county workers to access the informationand data they need to respond quickly and effectively to residentrequests. But, like other counties throughout the state, SacramentoCounty is faced with budget constraints that put an increased focuson maximizing existing resources. To enhance its ability to deliverthese services, OCIT built its infrastructure on a NetApp®(NASDAQ: NTAP) foundation, increasing overall IT efficiency andflexibility while dramatically lowering costs.


OCIT’s previous storage environment was madeup of disparate systems, which created numerous inefficiencies,limited its ability to quickly back up data, and redirectedresources away from strategic IT projects. Furthermore, OCIT neededa cost-effective way to back up its virtualized servers and quicklyrestore them in the event of a server failure. To address thesechallenges and free up resources and money to invest in otherinnovative services, OCIT worked with NetApp reseller Applied Computer Solutions(ACS) to transition to a NetApp unified storageinfrastructure.


News Highlights


  • NetApp’s deduplication and thin-provisioning technologieshelped OCIT immediately increase overall storage efficiency byreducing storage space requirements within its Microsoft®Exchange Server and Microsoft SQL Server® applications by upto 80%.
  • NetApp solutions for virtual environments have helped OCITreduce server operational expenses by 50%. For example, NetAppSnapMirror® has eliminated the need to find budget foradditional storage while NetApp SnapManager® for VirtualInfrastructure enables OCIT to restore virtual machines in 10minutes rather than the several hours it used to take, freeing upresources to focus on other innovative projects.
  • To comply with requests through the Public Records Act, OCIT isoften required to produce employee e-mail from previous months.This would normally take up to 24 hours to retrieve but now can bedone in just 2 hours, thanks to NetApp SnapManager for MicrosoftExchange, which integrates tightly with Microsoft technology tostreamline storage management and optimize performance.
  • Additionally, SnapManager for Microsoft Exchange enables OCITto perform e-mail backups every 2 hours throughout the day,reducing the time it takes to recover an inbox or single e-mailfrom 6 hours to less than 10 minutes. With SnapManager software,OCIT is also able to back up its enterprise content managementapplication, which stores vital county records, such as birthcertificates, in seconds rather than the 48 to 72 hours it used totake. The increased efficiencies have led to improved workforceproductivity and responsiveness. The 1.5 full-time OCIT employeespreviously dedicated to monitoring backups can now focus on otherbusiness-critical functions.

Supporting Quotes


  • David Villanueva, Interim Chief Information Officer forthe Sacramento County Office of Communications & InformationTechnology
    “By making it faster to retrieve vital citizen and governmentrecords, NetApp storage is markedly improving the efficiency ofOCIT. It has also allowed valuable staff to turn their efforts toother important and strategic projects, ultimately enhancing theirproductivity while still lowering county costs.”
  • Regina Kunkle, Vice President of State and LocalGovernment and Higher Education (SLED), NetApp
    “NetApp is focused on working with our state and local governmentcustomers to provide them with the storage solutions they need tothrive in today’s demanding IT environment. OCIT is a great exampleof how the right storage platform can provide the necessary ITefficiency and flexibility to enable counties to deliver theservices its citizens require while reducing overall costs andexpenditures.”

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