University of San Diego Gains Flexibility to Respond to Data Explosion; Art Center College of Design Saves $135,000 on Storage Costs

Sunnyvale, Calif.-September 27,2011- While striving to provide academic excellence andsupport the educational aspirations of students, colleges anduniversities across the country are increasingly confronted withshrinking budgets, skyrocketing data growth, and challenging ITenvironments. In order to achieve their aggressive educationalgoals, many schools, like the University of San Diego (USD) and ArtCenter College of Design, are transforming their IT infrastructuresto gain greater flexibility and efficiency with storage foundationsthat are builton NetApp.


USD is a rigorous liberal arts school inSouthern California. With 7,800 students and a sizable staff, USDpreviously managed IT needs with four data centers on campus,typically adding storage capacity when necessary. However, with anincrease in high-bandwidth education applications and every-dayadministrative tasks, the amount of university data exploded from5TB to 90TB over the course of just a couple of years. Toeffectively manage its growing data needs, USD turned to NetApp toupgrade and consolidate its entire storage infrastructure, helpingthe school improve operational efficiencies and gain the necessaryflexibility to meet its evolving IT needs of the future.


Another California school faced with similardata challenges is Art Center College of Design in Pasadena. ArtCenter relies on a heavy computing environment, offeringdata-intensive courses in film, photography, graphic design, andmany other art and design programs. Originally reliant on adecentralized storage infrastructure, Art Center found it difficultto manage and protect its growing data. Art Center turned to NetAppto consolidate its storage resources into a single unifiedplatform, allowing the college to more effectively manage its ITenvironment and save more than $135,000 in additional storagecosts.


News Highlights


University of San Diego


  • USD, which worked with NetApp reseller RestorWare, built itsMicrosoft® applications and VMware® environment on aNetApp® foundation to increase IT efficiencies, maximizestorage utilization, and reduce power and cooling costs.
  • USD is now able to reduce the time required to replicate datavolumes and datasets for development from more than 24 hours downto just a couple of minutes, freeing up resources to focus on otherstrategic projects.
  • Improved disaster recovery capabilities enable USD to securelystore copies of staff, faculty, and student data for quick recoveryand allow USD to maintain governance and compliance with industryregulations.
  • USD leverages NetApp storage management software to efficientlymanage all storage and protocols with minimal NetApp training. Thesingle management framework provides the team with the flexibilityto respond quickly to changing university demands.

Art Center College ofDesign


  • Art Center, which worked with Colorado-based NetApp resellerAdvanced SystemsGroup, leverages NetApp’s unique storageefficiency technologies to dramatically reducestorage costs and requirements. Thin provisioning allows ArtCenter to utilize just 3.5TB of NetApp storage to manage a totalstorage allocation of 27.5TB for students and faculty, saving thecollege more than $90,000 in storage costs. Deduplicationtechnology has saved the school an additional $45,000 by reducingVMware storage requirements by 44%.
  • The college used to purge student data at the end of theacademic year to reclaim needed storage space. With NetApp’sability to quickly and easily reprovision storage combined with theincreased efficiencies, Art Center is now able to provide 5GB ofpersonal storage to each student for his or her entire time inschool and 20GB to faculty members. The improved flexibilityenables the college to more effectively respond to and manage theschool’s hard-to-predict and expanding storage needs.
  • Art Center leverages SnapManager® for Exchange and SingleMailbox Recovery to enhance the college’s e-mail availability. As aresult, recovering a mailbox, which used to take as much as 2hours, now takes just 45 minutes, getting staff and faculty backonline faster for improved productivity.

Supporting Quotes


  • Christopher Wessells, vice provost and chiefintelligence officer, University of San Diego:
    “USD is committed to providing our students, faculty, and staffwith the best educational resources and learning tools, and our ITinfrastructure is fundamental to making this a reality. Moving to aNetApp foundation has provided us with incredible efficiencies tohelp us reduce costs and get far more out of our storageinfrastructure than we did in the past. Additionally, the improvedflexibility has enabled us to seamlessly manage our exponentialdata growth without having to add additional staff, allowing us tooptimize resources and apply more focus to organizationalinnovation.”
  • Jason Blackader, UNIX system administrator, Art CenterCollege of Design:
    “Art Center provides learning programs to students that requireextreme amounts of data that places an incredible strain on our ITenvironment. As a result we needed a storage infrastructure thatcould support this growing demand and enable us to deliver the mostinnovative services to our students. NetApp has given us everythingwe need in a single platform, helping us dramatically cut costs andmore effectively support the educational aspirations of ourstudents.”
  • Regina Kunkle, vice president of State and LocalGovernment and Higher Education (SLED), NetApp:
    “USD and Art Center are both great examples of how the rightIT infrastructure can further a school’s educational objectiveby reducing costs and effectively managing the massive increase indata and information that is created on a daily basis. NetApp haslong partnered with universities and colleges throughout thecountry to help them navigate these unique challenges, and we arecommitted to continuing to provide the most innovative solutions toenable them to thrive in the future.”

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