University of Tennessee at Knoxville Launches ‘Apps@UT’ Desktop Virtualization Program for more than 27,000 Students and Faculty

UT Knoxville Adopts Citrix XenDesktop running on Cisco and NetApp Infrastructure to Provide Free, Anytime Access to Desktops, Apps, Resources and Personal Files

Bethesda, MD. – August 31, 2011- Citrix Systems, Inc. announced today that the Universityof Tennessee at Knoxville (UT Knoxville) has launched “Apps@UT,” aprogram implementing Citrix® XenDesktop® that runs on aCisco and NetApp® infrastructure to deliver full Windows®desktops and applications as an on-demand service. Apps@UT willgive UT Knoxville’s more than 27,000 students and staff anytimeaccess to virtual desktops, applications, personal files andnetwork resources.


UT Knoxville recently launched its Citrixvirtual computing solutions at the university’s flagship lab, TheCommons in Hodges Library, where Apps@UT will serve the 16,500unique users that use The Commons’ computers each semester.Following this pilot effort, Apps@UT will be implemented at all thecomputer labs managed by UT Knoxville’s Office of InformationTechnology. Ultimately, the virtual desktops and applications willbe available to 27,000 students and staff on all university-ownedand personal devices.


Students on the university’s TechnologyAdvisory Board were the visionaries behind the Apps@UT program andfunded it because it provides a higher degree of flexibility andavailability of technology, UT Knoxville officials said. Studentswill benefit from enhanced productivity as XenDesktop transformsany Windows, web or software-as-a-service (SaaS) application into aservice that can be accessed by any user-anytime and anywhere-withunparalleled simplicity and scalability. By improving students’educational experience and helping them make more efficient use oftheir time, the Apps@UT virtualized solutions will give theuniversity a competitive advantage in attracting students to itscampus, UT Knoxville officials said.


Apps@UT is built on integrated solutions fromCitrix, NetApp and Cisco, providing a flexible infrastructure thatis validated and optimized to work together. The NetApp UnifiedStorage Architecture enables UT Knoxville students and staff tostore and access their virtual desktop and user data from alluniversity-owned and personal devices. Additionally, thehigh-availability features inherent in the NetApp platform deliver24x7 access to desktops and automatically backup student data. Thisanytime remote access and data protection is a fundamentalcomponent to any virtual desktop infrastructure and will helpstudents be more productive and increase overall utilization of theApps@UT network. Furthermore, the NetApp architecture provides UTKnoxville with unique storage efficiency technologies that willenable the university to more effectively manage data growth, lowerpower and cooling requirements, and reduce overall storagecosts.


For the Apps@UT service, the university isbuilding its Citrix XenDesktop infrastructure on the Cisco UnifiedComputing System™ (Cisco UCS™) blade server platform.Cisco UCS offers a compelling mix of performance, scalability anddecreased datacenter footprint, which reinforces the energy-savingaspect of Apps@UT. Technology partners Cisco and Citrix havejointly published validated design guidance that leverages thetight integration between their respective technologies and helpsaccelerate UT Knoxville’s time to deployment. Additionally with theCisco UCS service profiles, UT Knoxville can quickly scale outadditional virtual desktops for new students and faculty each yearthat are optimized to the type of usage and security theyrequire.


UT Knoxville is also implementing CitrixNetScaler® and Branch Repeater™ with XenDesktop tooptimize the performance of networks, applications and services.The Citrix suite of virtual computing solutions is expected to savethe university time and resources by enabling easy, centralizedmanagement of desktops and applications. This implementation willalso reduce the cost of software refreshes, security patches, andother maintenance. In addition, as older PCs in the university labsare phased out and replaced by thin clients under the Apps@UTprogram, the university will generate energy savings and reduceboth the frequency and cost of hardware refreshes.


Citrix Platinum Partner, LPS Integration, isalso assisting UT Knoxville with the rollout of Citrixvirtualization solutions.




  • Tom Simmons, area vice president – US Public Sector atCitrix
    By leveraging Citrix virtual solutions for on-demand access todata and applications, the University of Tennessee at Knoxvillewill enhance students’ learning environment and reduce theirfinancial burden. The new Apps@UT program demonstrates theuniversity’s firm commitment to delivering the highest qualityeducation while controlling costs.
  • Thomas Eacobacci, vice president, Southeast Region,Citrix Systems, Inc.
    UT Knoxville has transformed its computing environment into aflexible service that meets students’ personal work styles,providing access to their data and applications whenever andwherever they work. At the same time, the university can expect tosave time and money as this virtual environment easily supports thenew applications and desktop images required everysemester.
  • Scott Studham, CIO, University of Tennessee atKnoxville
    The students on UT Knoxville’s Technology Advisory Board werethe visionaries driving the Apps@UT program, believing it will giveall university students the high degree of flexibility andavailability they have come to expect from technologytoday.
  • Regina Kunkle, vice president of State/Local Governmentand Education for NetApp
    The explosion of new technologies that are being leveraged inthe classroom is resulting in a significant increase in the amountof data and information that schools like the University ofTennessee at Knoxville need to store and manage. NetApp iscommitted to working with strategic partners like Citrix and Ciscoto provide the higher education sector with the IT infrastructurerequired to address these challenges, and enable students and staffto maximize the learning experience.
  • David Lawler, vice president, Server, Access andVirtualization, Cisco
    UT Knoxville provides a blueprint for colleges anduniversities looking for ways to better serve students, improve ITperformance and reduce costly energy usage. By taking advantage ofthe 60 percent greater virtual desktop density provided bymemory-extension technology in the Cisco Unified Computingplatform, education organizations can scale to deliver highperformance virtual desktops more easily to more students andfaculty each year.

Facts and Highlights


  • Students on UT Knoxville’s Technology Advisory Board rankedApps@UT as one of the highest funding priorities for the StudentTechnology Fee.
  • UT Knoxville’s Apps@UT is one of the largest deployments ofCitrix XenDesktop virtual desktop technologies at a Tennesseeuniversity.
  • Ultimately, the Apps@UT program will enable the university tophase out some of its computer labs as more students and staff relyon remote access for their computing and storage needs.

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