As part of the joint NFLEX NetApp and Fujitsu engineering team, I’d like to give you a closer look at the technical details of NFLEX.


NFLEX comes in three customizable flavors: M30, M50, and M70. The big difference between the three models is the base configuration. M30 is the smallest, with 4 Fujitsu PRIMERGY CX2650 servers and an All Flash FAS A200 with 12 960GB SSDs. The M70 is the largest, with 12 Fujitsu PRIMERGY CX2650 servers and an AFF A300 with 12 3.8TB SSDs.  The compute and storage components are connected by using a pair of Extreme VDX6740 switches.


Because every customer has different requirements and workloads, we designed the NFLEX solution to seamlessly scale in a number of ways. We offer RAM configurations ranging from 384GB to 1024GB for the M30 and M50, and configurations ranging from 384GB to 1636 GB for the M70, ensuring that there will be a NFLEX configuration to fit even the most intensive memory requirements. Customers can also add nodes to the configuration for a total of 16 PRIMERGY CX2650 nodes and up to 48 disks in the AFF storage systems directly from the factory.


NFLEX offers our customers exceptional capabilities, especially in the arena of high availability. Of course, NetApp AFF storage is powered by ONTAP® 9, which eliminates planned downtime. Fujitsu PRIMERGY CX servers also provide 99.997% availability.  This combination provides a robust infrastructure that inspires customers’ confidence.


The NFLEX Ecosystem

Speaking of the factory, the NFLEX solution is available in either racked or unracked configurations. Configurations are factory tested before they arrive on site, where the infrastructure is tailored to fit the customer’s exact needs. NFLEX can be ordered from either NetApp or Fujitsu, with the same simplified customer experience from each vendor.


The NFLEX customer experience is further enhanced by the use of familiar best-in-class hardware and software components. NFLEX is powered by VMware vSphere, and all hardware components can be managed with a vCenter plug-in. This means that administration teams can continue to use the management tools they are accustomed to.  Additionally, Fujitsu Software ServerView Infrastructure Manager (ISM) can be used as a converged management platform for the NFLEX solution. These management options mean that customers can have complete confidence in the NFLEX solution, and that they can use the tools that suit their needs best.


To find out more about NFLEX, go to, read the NFLEX solution brief, and check out Andy Sayare’s NFLEX blog, which describes the 20-year partnership between NetApp and Fujitsu.

Melissa Palmer

Melissa Palmer is a solutions architect in the NetApp Infrastructure and Cloud Engineering team. She is also VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX) #236. Prior to joining the Infrastructure and Cloud Engineering team, Melissa was a systems engineer for NetApp and a VMware engineer for a number of enterprise environments. Melissa has bachelor of engineering and master of engineering degrees from Stevens Institute of Technology.

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