You know how it is: a lot of data, a lot of costs. Backing up data in the cloud can quickly drain your budget and impede your growth. RapidScale, a managed cloud service provider, had this issue, too. Its data was projected to triple in 9 months and the company didn’t have a cost-effective way to handle it.


Implementing NetApp solutions® like the StorageGRID® object-based storage solution allowed RapidScale to store and manage unstructured data securely, at scale; keep pace with their data growth; and plan for further expansion in Europe – all while lowering TCO.


Cost-Effective, Scalable Storage

NetApp eliminates RapidScale’s slow ingestion rates and related public cloud performance challenges. Scale-out architecture and a single global namespace allow RapidScale to easily manage the data pouring in from various areas of the business. Storage tiers and policy-based data placement keep the company’s data in the most cost-effective location for its usage requirements.


The company uses NetApp ONTAP® integration with its AFF and FAS systems as well as  NetApp Snapshot™ and SnapMirror® capabilities for data backup and disaster recovery, letting it scale effectively and cut costs.


Investment Monetization

Stopping the hemorrhage of expensive data management costs wasn’t RapidScale’s only priority. With the ability to place data at the optimal storage tier in a multitenant environment, RapidScale was able to turn its attention to its newest offering: Veeam as a Service (VaaS).

NetApp’s policy-based approach enables RapidScale to isolate various data and workflows so that its VaaS data is separate from internal backups. RapidScale Chief Operating Officer William Hiatt said, “The ability to monetize our investment and offer that value to our customers is a huge added benefit. NetApp StorageGRID is more than just the data infrastructure for RapidScale. It’s become a differentiator as well.”


Expansion into New Geographies

NetApp solutions are also enabling RapidScale to continue its European expansion. Its policy engine and application-defined metadata tags can automatically specify where data is distributed, protected, or even deleted to provide GDPR compliance.


Now, with its NetApp foundation, RapidScale has the scalability to handle quick data growth – even when it triples in a matter of months – and the potential to reduce TCO by a whopping 75%.


Learn more about StorageGRID and discover why IDC named NetApp StorageGRID a leader in the 2018 IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Object-Based Storage (OBS) Vendor Assessment.

Duncan Moore

Duncan has spent the last 19 years at NetApp working to build solutions to solve customer problems in the areas of: Backup & Recovery, Disaster Recovery, Object Storage and Storage Security. He joined NetApp in 1999 to work on NetApp's first, and still industry leading, replication product SnapMirror and since then has been involved with many other industry firsts including: Unified primary/secondary storage deduplication, near-line storage appliances as well as integrations with leading data protection software vendors.

Duncan’s current focus is in the area of Object Storage, where he leads teams building NetApp’s StorageGRID enterprise object storage system.

Duncan holds a BS in Computer Science from California State University at San Jose as well as an MBA from the University of Kansas. He is based at the NetApp Technology Center in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina.

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