ONTAP System Manager 9.8Released early in 2020, NetApp® ONTAP® 9.7 boasted a long list of features as well as a newly designed user interface. With the release of ONTAP 9.8, we’re adding more exciting enhancements and features in System Manager 9.8. These features include a simplified management experience, new visualizations, new workflows, and UI enhancements to further improve and simplify your storage management experience.


If you don’t know what our ONTAP System Manager does, check out this video.



In this series of blog posts, we’ll discuss what to expect with System Manager 9.8, as well as some background about why we made these changes. You’ll also find highlights of each new feature, with additional materials to get you ready to use System Manager 9.8.

Interface update in System Manager 9.8

In System Manager 9.7, we provided parallel access to the new and classic System Manager Interfaces. The first thing you’ll notice in System Manager 9.8 is that there’s just  one clean, simplified interface; the classic view is no longer accessible.


As part of the ONTAP technology evolution, we adopted a modern REST API architecture. Beginning with ONTAP 9.7 release, new ONTAP features are made available exclusively through ONTAP REST API. Meanwhile, ONTAPI continues to be included in new ONTAP releases to allow customers to plan the transition to utilize REST API. Because the classic UI of System Manager used ONTAPI and the new System Manager interface uses REST API, and to continue delivering simplified ONTAP storage management experience & NetApp innovation, System Manager has transitioned to a new REST API based interface in ONTAP 9.8 software version and classic UI has been retired and will not be included in the System Manager 9.8 release.


In addition, the classic version of the System Manager interface is obsolete because it does not quite deliver the simplified experience that our product can offer to users, especially architected based on the REST APIs. But REST assured, this series of blog posts will give you all the essential knowledge you need to get ready for the streamlined and intelligent System Manager 9.8.


New Simplified ONTAP System Manager Dashboard

In the next post in this series, we’ll  talk about tips and tricks for using the new interface.

Where can I learn more?

Please find a list of useful resources here.

Yizhao Zhuang

Yizhao Zhuang is a Technical Marketing Engineer (TME) at NetApp with a focus on ONTAP manageability products. He has previously worked on NetApp Service Level Manager and Active IQ Unified Manager to help customers deploy storage automation solutions within the modern data center and IT infrastructures.

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