Ah, those pesky database guys. Always wanting more performance, more reliability, a faster way to import data, a way to test without affecting performance, always wanting more…


The good news is that with a little help from NetApp, you can respond to all of these requests with a resounding “Sure thing, what else do you need?”


Let’s look at Oracle databases running in Amazon Web Services (AWS) on top of NetApp® Cloud Volumes Service as an example.


Performance—check. Almost 300,000 IOPS is pretty good, don’t you think?

Reliability—check. Eight nines are standard.


Easy data movement—check. With integrated NetApp Cloud Sync, you can quickly and easily move data from an on-premises environment to Cloud Volumes, back to on-premises, or even between clouds.


No-impact clones— check. Easily create NetApp Snapshot™ copies of your environment without affecting performance. Use these copies to roll back to a previous state or create new clones for testing. No big deal—anybody can do it (yes, even your DBA).


If you would like to know more, sign up for our webinar coming up on July 18th where you will learn all about optimizing Oracle with NetApp Cloud Volumes. Sign up to attend the webinar today.


Cloud Volumes Service is now available in preview on all your favorite hyperscalers. Don’t forget to sign up for a preview!

Ingo Fuchs

Ingo is a passionate technologist that has covered Sales, Marketing, Product Management, Training and Application Development in his career. He feels strongly about translating cool tech features to actual customer benefits – and beer, preferably German lagers. When not on the road he enjoys his time in the mountains west of Boulder, CO with his wife, dogs and horse.

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