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How Big Data Impacts Healthcare – Infographic

April 9, 2015

From mobile phones to fitness trackers, data is everywhere in our lives. In healthcare, using this data in meaningful ways has the potential for people to live longer healthier lives. Electronic health record (EHR) adoption is enabling healthcare organizations to deliver real-time information to physicians, nurses, and other caregivers to make better decisions and more […]

How Mercy’s Electronic Health Records System is Changing the Healthcare…

March 24, 2015

  Visitors to hospitals, clinics, and other health facilities around the United States will no doubt have noticed a transformation over the past decade in how their information is captured by health professionals. Nearly gone are the flip charts and folders that once typified medical records and adorned the halls of a physician’s office. Gradually, […]

The Future of Healthcare IT with Kirk Larson, Regional CIO

January 12, 2015

Two years ago, NetApp sat down with the Vice-President and CIO of Children’s Hospital Central California (Children’s) for a Q&A to discuss how NetApp solutions were helping them treat patients and grow for the future. Fast forward 18 months and former Children’s VP & CIO, Kirk Larson is now Regional CIO with NetApp Healthcare; helping countless healthcare facilities […]

NetApp AI Wins “Best Machine Learning Platform” Breakthrough Award

August 26, 2020

For the second year in a row, NetApp has won a coveted AI Breakthrough award for the Best Machine Learning Platform with our partner Lenovo. The AI Breakthrough Awards program was founded to recognize artificial intelligence (AI)–related technology innovators, leaders, and visionaries from around the world.   All the award nominations for a range of […]

We’re Helping Companies Affected by COVID-19 with Free Cloud Storage…

May 21, 2020

I’m pleased to share that NetApp is offering free storage on Google Cloud for IT teams addressing the digital fallout of the pandemic. Technology has been our connective fiber during this time, keeping people connected, keeping businesses running, and offering hope for a rapid medical solution. Behind the scenes, overburdened IT teams are racing to […]

New NVIDIA DGX A100-Based Solutions from NetApp Enable AI for…

May 14, 2020

Enterprises are struggling to build out the infrastructure they need to tap into the power of AI at scale. Maintaining separate silos of data center AI infrastructure to address analytics, training, and inference workloads creates complexity, drives up costs, and constrains performance. The new NVIDIA DGX A100 system announced today is designed to unify AI workloads […]