If you are like most organizations, you have been given a mandate to move some or all of your data and applications to the cloud. The challenge is to identify which data to move, and how and where to move it. Because the last thing you want to do is make a move that will result in higher costs and lower performance than expectations. In the famous words of Ned Ryerson, “Watch out for that first step, it’s a Doozy.”



Moving data to the cloud without the right plan can certainly contribute to a financial Doozy. Making the right plans to move to the cloud is possible by having the right tools to inform you about your current environment and what the impact will be to move your data to the cloud. In order to help our customers’ transition their data to the cloud, NetApp is announcing availability of NetApp Cloud Advisor. Cloud Advisor is a free web service designed to help NetApp customers identify what data makes sense to move to the cloud and where to put it.


Let’s take a look at some of the key features and benefits of this most excellent tool.

Get Visibility Into Your Whole Environment

With Cloud Advisor you can plan your move at your own pace, from one application to your entire footprint across the globe. Cloud Advisor pulls data from NetApp’s ActiveIQ data lake allowing you to see relevant information about your storage environment across all of your datacenters without having to run a lengthy discovery process.

Zero In on the Right Data

Cloud Advisor provides easy to use filters to uncover which types of application data are in use by site, feature usage, and capacity.  Granular data reporting and selection means that you can target the right data to move to the cloud and avoid mistakes.  Making sense of the application data, where it currently is and where it could go is an important part of completing the picture of a cloud journey.


Project Room to View and Share

You can empower your cloud strategy and application teams to plan their transitions. Because you can filter and search for data associated with specific applications, your teams can evaluate the right applications for the right cloud.  Utilize the project room to manage multiple assessments, and share them with colleagues to understand exactly which applications are in scope for movement to cloud.

Choose the Right Landing Spot

With Cloud Advisor, you can select which cloud regions make sense for your data based on features, proximity and data governance needs. Cloud Advisor includes intelligence about public cloud providers and where services are available so you can model the right place for your data. We offer tradeoffs and considerations for both a NetApp storage or cloud storage approach.

Understanding Cost and Time

Move your data with confidence by using our estimated cost analysis and migration duration metrics. Cloud Advisor pulls up to date costs for the type of storage you want to consider in the hyperscaler cloud of your choice. You can compare the costs to move your data to NetApp Cloud Volumes Service or to another cloud target and see in real time what your estimated costs would be.

Moving data to the cloud takes time, and so we also provide estimates on the duration to move the data to the cloud using our high performing data migration tool, Cloud Sync. Cloud Sync is very affordable for any user, and is a zero cost feature with Cloud Volumes Service to move data from an NFS, SMB or S3 source.


If that first step to the cloud looks a little sketchy, let NetApp help you make the right step with Cloud Advisor.  Use your existing NetApp login or simply create a new account to evaluate your NetApp storage environment and start building your plan to intelligently move your application data to the cloud.

Jason Blosil

Jason Blosil is a senior product marketing manager with over 22 years of product marketing, product management, and corporate finance experience. Jason’s assignments at NetApp have focused on product marketing of data protection solutions, SAN and NAS storage, software defined and cloud technologies. Prior to joining NetApp in 2008, Jason spent 7 years with Adaptec in both product management and product marketing roles associated with server based RAID controllers and network storage systems. A five year stint at Ford Motor Company in product development finance offered a chance to explore a passion in automobiles. Jason is a former chair of the SNIA Ethernet Storage Forum. When out of the office, he enjoys cycling, cooking, golf, volunteer work, music and college sports. Go Cougs!