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This time on the show we feature the best, brightest and most courageous  individuals from DockerCon 2017. Will all of the “suits” ruin Docker’s traditional “hoodie” culture or will they meet in the middle at business casual? Watch and see for yourself.



Dan Garfield talks with Amy about where containers fit with both developers AND operations.



John Willis explains the process for creating his DevOps Handbook and how some of the oldest companies are applying the devOps culture to increase resiliency while going faster.



John Troyer talks with Amy and describes how the Docker community is both growing AND shrinking in a healthy fashion.



Brian Gracely talks with Amy about BBQ, Containers and Dr Seuss???



Ben Di Qual explains how “customer-centric” defines the theme of this year’s DockerCon.



Manuel Leon Mendiola shares his excitement around 1and1’s new beta platform!



Stu Miniman talks about how “we need to stop having those applications that are 10 years old and everybody hates” as well as moving away from “boat anchor” hardware.



Matthew Boeckman talks with Amy about the current state of monitoring in the date center with containers and all of the ways they are keeping admins from getting paged in the middle of the night.



Stephen Foskett gives his take on Docker’s road to industry dominance or perhaps whale roadkill???



Mark Iskra chats with Amy about barriers to container adoption at DockerCon 2017.



Baruch Sadogursky explains the Russian nesting doll effect of stacking different technologies into containers.



Dan Kohn talks with us about Moby as well as creative tensions between Kubernetes and Docker and how they are building bridges to benefit the end users.



Dan Shaw talks with us about the unique challenges of scaling down instead of up with the help of containerized deployments.


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